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Slight Gyno After Cycle

I had finished my 10 week cycle of sustanon 250, 500 mg a week
I also used winstrol 3 weeks
it was my first cycle
Pct was tribulus and omega, bcaa i didnt used nolva amd clomid because on croatian and serbian forums they alway say no to nolva because of estrogen rebound, its toxic etc.
I made realy nice gains, 13 kg of very lean muscle
Problem is, i have finished my cycle in june and i by the end of my cycle i started noticing slight pain in my right nipple and i thought it was going to dissapear
Nipple is til this day painful and little bit swollen, i have arimidex on hand, does somebody have advice
Thanks in advance, sorry for bad english im new on this forum : )