Slight Flare-up of Tennis Elbow (Tendonitis)

Hi all,

I used to get this a lot in my left elbow during my teens 20 years back, and every few years it flares up a little. Usually happens if a weight drops suddenly or I move the elbow in a jerky fashion, and it kicked off a couple of weeks back when I didn’t oil the lat tower for seated pulls, I like to use an explosive force to bring the attachment to my stomach and then 2 seconds back evenly, and I think it’s the former movement that caused the flare up. It has been dissipating since then, but not disappeared completely.

Any recommendations? Ice, NSAids??



Besides Ice, and the occasional use of NSAIDs, rest is the only other that I know of. I have heard that using accupuncture and neoprene sleeves can help, but don’t know about the research on that.

I’ve had the same thing in my left elbow, and anytime I ramp up the volume for more than a couple of workouts it starts to creep in again.

I hope your already taking fish oil.
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[quote]theBird wrote:
I hope your already taking fish oil.
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(looks around sheepishly having forgot to take any for over a week)

I’ll, ummmm… get on it straight away.

Took the Cod liver oil, helped for the left.

Let my dumb younger brother harangue me into an arm-wrestle on a drunken dare two nights ago, you can guess who won the arm-wrestle, and who today lost the ability to train his elbow.