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Slight Confusing, Original 5/3/1 as Anchor Template?


Example of 2 Leaders, 1 7th week and 1 Anchor:

5/3/1 (3/5/1 actually) and FSL as Leader template @ 2 cycles, followed by a 7th week protocol and THEN original 5/3/1 as an Anchor.

The leader template will have ramp up the barbell volume = 5x5 FSL
and hit PR’s on the first and the third week. Second week NO PR sets…

The Anchor will go for PR’S on all weeks using the original 5/3/1, BUT NO FSL RIGHT?

My question came up because in Forever book on page 169, it says in the headline: Original 5/3/1 and First Set Last, Anchor
BUT in the description below there is no First set last written, Which in my head makes sense, since one would decrease the barbell volume in an Anchor template. right?

Appreciate any help
Regards Sebastian, Denmark.

I have exactly the same question and searched the forum to see if it had been asked before, and it had, but not answered. Can anyone clarify this?


Correct, no FSL. Just one of the original 5/3/1 variations.

‘Original 5/3/1 and First Set Last, Anchor’ means it’s the anchor for 5/3/1 FSL, not that you actually do FSL on the anchor.