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Slight Anemia


I was just in the hospital recently and noticed something on my blood tests. I had low-normal or low RBC levels and my hematocrit was 40.2%. I know there are hundreds of types of anemia, but I've been taking my multi, eating red meat/getting iron through food, eating vegetables, and taking care of myself along the lines of sleep. I've had a cold for about a month or so, but I'm not sure how much that would affect my RBC/hematocrit levels.

Does anybody have any suggestions as to why my RBC level is unusually low? Could the sickness be causing this? To give some info on myself about exercise:

I was running about 70 miles a week before the test and I was lifting about 3 times a week.


That could be the cause.


what was the RDW and MCV?


I don't have the papers with me today, but I remember seeing everything else was within normal range basically. WBC was somewhat low though also, I figured an immune response would've triggered more WBC production though.


What were you hospitalized for? Possible loss of blood from an operation or injury? Any kidney problems? A listing of your lab values when available would be helpful.


If you are in the lab's normal reference range I would not worry about it. Same with a low normal WBC count.
Comparing previous CBC results to this set of values may be helpful. It's possible that you just have a low baseline.


Since I don't have your bloodwork nor do I know what you were sick with I obviously can not diagnose you, but sports anemia should be considered.

Many endurance athletes get an increase in their plasma volume (blood volume) as an effect of training. The RBC's actually increase as well but since the non-RBC portion increases to a greater degree, there is a dilution of the amount of RBC's per volume, thus giving the impression of an anemia.

Also, runners can have an increased breakdown of RBC's due to the impact of running on the heel/foot. They call it heel-strike hemolysis.

You can Google sports anemia for more information.

As always, if you are concerned, ask your doctor.

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Okay here are the two results. Anybody that could interpret from it, can you post or PM? The sorry on hospitalization:

Had a cold for about 2 months with a cough only going away for 1 week within the past two months. Strained hip flexor/groin, but the pain persisted in lower abomen and area of former hernia surgery. Thought was beginning stages of appendicitis or swollen lymph nodes.

Complete blood cout:
Hemoglobin 14.2 GM/DL
hematocrit 40.2 %
MCV 88.7 fl
MC HGB 31.4 uug
MC HGB 35.3 %
Red Cell Dist 13.4%
Platelet Count 236 K/CMM
Neutrophil total 1.9 K/CMM
Lymphocyte total 1.8 K/CMM
Neutrophil % 40%
Lymphocytes 38%
Monocytes 8%
Eosinophils 13%
Basophils 1 %