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Sliding on Flat Bench

I did my chest today and got on the flat to start out. I was warming up and noticing that my back is almost impossible to keep evenly on the bench. I was sliding a bit to one side or the other stressing that particular shoulder and making me feel a tad off balance.

Tried a few diff things to avoid this…made sure my back was exactly centered, my hands were at the same point on each side. yet as soon as i lifted off i’d slide a little bit to the left or right.

I was wondering if im using one side more than the other to lift off causing my back to move over to that side a bit? Would having a lift off help this?

your feet might be pushing you,if you think you have an imbalance try using dbs,pretty easy to tell

Chalk your back/shirt bro just like the hands it does wonders and will glue you to the bench.

Oh and yes a lift off will help allowing you to keep the back tight and in ready position.

I do flat bench DB in my workout to - have no problems with those.

I can’t use chalk in the gym(i also work there) Prairie life center…its more of a …“health club” than a real “gym” if that makes any sense.

I’ll check my footing to though.