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Sliding During Deficit Sumo Deadlift? Need a Diagnosis

Hey folks! So long story short, when I sumo deadlift, my feet feel glued to the ground as they should be. However, whenever I try to do a sumo deficit deadlift, I definitely can’t exert my full force through the ground when I lift 80%+ of my 1RM because the 45 plates I’m standing on start sliding outward. I’m really concerned about this causing an injury, and also concerned about not being able to be strong off the floor since I’ve found sumo deficit deadlifts very helpful for me in the past. Not sure if this will be brought up but just incase it is, I’d really like to stick with sumo rather than conventional because my leverages make sumo a more natural position for me and it feels much more comfortable.

I currently deadlift in Ryderwear Raptors (the treads on the bottom are fine). And I’ve also tried using 25 and 35lb plates to stand on but to no avail. My gym has platforms for deficit work but they’re way too deep (I’d be doing like 4’’ sumo deficit deadlifts, and that would be pushing the limits of my hip mobility too much)

Any help is appreciated. Cheers!

Here’s some ideas:

Use 55lb or heavier plates to stand on

Use smaller diameter plates on the bar and regular platform height

Use a different surface under the plates e.g. rubbing matting v wooden platform or use non slip matting from a hardware store

Place plates on the outside of the plates on which you are standing or lean them on the edges to provide more traction

Use the existing deficit platforms but use plates or blocks to reduce the deficit height nomsayin

Just load the bar with 35s no need to stand on anything. I feel it’s the perfect amount of deficit for sumo about 2"


Step 1 : Put the plates under the weight so the platform is less of a deficit.

Step 2 : Lift

Step 3 : ???

Step 4 : Gains

Definitely don’t do deficit deadlifts if you can’t figure out a way stop yourself from sliding, that is an accident waiting to happen. Not being able to exert full force is one thing, but the biggest concern is that you are setting yourself up for an injury.

Does your gym have rubber mats? You could stand on the 4" platform and have the plates sitting on a couple mats. Or use 35’s if there are enough to spare.

35’s are the ticket if your gym doesn’t have a single piece platform to stand on. If your foot slips you’re looking at a nasty hip injury. If you don’t have too many 35’s you could fill out the sleeves with 25’s and do volume work. I don’t like heavy singles for deficit work anyway.

Duck Brand Select Grip Easy Liner Brand Shelf Liner

This will fix your problem. It 20 inches X 18 feet for $12.77. It in the Home Wear’s section of Walmart. You’ll also find it at Lows and Home Depot.

The “Grip Liner” is somewhat like “Fly Paper”, you stick to it. It is place under Throw Rugs that sit on slick floors so that the rug doesn’t slip under your feet when you step on it, They have some other similar uses for in the home, as well.

Weight Plate Traction

The plates need to be on a Rubber Mat Surface if possible to prevent them from sliding.

If the plates cannot be placed on a Rubber Matt Surface…

  1. Place the “Grip Liner” under the plates so that the plates do NOT slide.

  2. Your Rubber Sole Shoes shouldn’t slide on the Metal Plates. If they do, you may try placing/anchoring the “Grip Liner” on top of the plate where you place your feet.

Bench Press Use for “Grip Liner”

When Bench Pressing, you use your legs to drive back into the Bench as you push the weight up.

One of the issues with some Bench Press Back is they some are slick, mine is.

What usually occurs is when leg drive is initiated on a Bench Press with a slick Back Pad, is you slide, losing traction.

Place the “Grip Liner” on the Bench Press Back Pad under your shoulder. You will sick like glue, providing your with a solid surface enabling your to drive the bar up with greater force,

I’ve used the “Grip Liner” for over 15 years, It works great.

Kenny Croxdale


Genius. Thanks for showing me this thread @khangles

Hey @KennyCrox : Would laying that grip liner stuff would under bumper plates and/or rubber tiles prevent the plates/tiles from sliding outwards during Deficit Sumo Deadlifts when on the Anytime Fitness Gym flooring?

Here’s the Anytime Fitness Link: https://www.anytimefitness.com/gyms/2864/Springfield-IL-62707/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=local&utm_campaign=localmaps&utm_content=2864#

It’s the flooring in the Dumbbell Section of the gym when you click “View Gym” on that webpage. It’s a standard flooring for a chain-gym.

Whenever I try that lift with my feet on the Bumper or Metal Plates or the Rubber Tiles, they slide outwards.

Here’s the exact Rubber Tile Mats that I own: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00A48NF8W/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Hopefully this isn’t too confusing to help with.
Thanks for the time and suggestion you mentioned above.