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Slider to John Roman

Hey John. I know a few people in the architecture school, but they are mostly sophomores. As for being a T-man and showing you around it would be my pleasure, but I consider myself a T-man in training. I mean I am not your average beer drinking college guy, but I am also not a true T-man yet. Mardi Gras is a lot of fun, but gets old and that is why I have decided to go to the Arnold Classic Expo and then home during Mardi Gras so I won’t be around. Any other questions are welcome. Train Hard!

Slider, a T-Man in training is still a T-Man. If I come for a visit, I’ll look forward to meeting and training with you.

If you'd be so kind as to do me a favor, shoot me an e-mail so we could discuss this further. You can find my contact information at the bottom of my article - Booty Call, in issue 240.

Thank you, brother.