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Slide Show (Snow Driving)


I go up and down this street all the time. It amazes me how many people live in this town and aren't prepared to drive in snow. I guarantee you I could have gone right up that hill.


The red car at 1:08 was like "Oh fuck no you don't! REVERSE!"

What's crazy is that it's not even a steep hill, seems like you'd be able to just go right up and over it. Why you'd put your brakes on and slide all over the place is beyond me.

Although I can't talk much, that's how people drive around here when the first drop of rain hits the pavement


It actually is a pretty steep hill and this is just the bottom. The bottom tends to weed out the poorly equiped vehicles. Those that make it past the bottom tend to make it all the way up, those that don't pile up on bottom.

Sometimes drivers come from side streets and slide from the middle or they will come out in front of someone who's got a head of steam going. That's my biggest fear. I will wait on bottom until no one's in my way then get some good speed up for the incline. If someone comes out from a side street I could be screwed. I've had too go around someone by ducking into the oncoming lane but never had to slow down enough to loose grip.


Thanks to the moderator for imbedding the video for me.



Go look up "Seattle snow 2010" on youtube. Its basically that above video but worse, there are city buses running into telephone poles and one video of an Audi making it all the way up a hill and sliding all the way back down.



Cars, and the city bus (at the 3:00 mark):


Having grown up in Washington, this baffles me every year. Every year, it rains/snows/etc. Every year people struggle to drive in inclement weather. I just don't get it. During the Thanksgiving "snowstorm" I wasn't worried about crashing myself, but I was terrified of being run into by some clown who doesnt' know what he (or she) is doing. And this is what our state is known for haha


It makes you wonder why people live in places like this in the first place. I should talk, living in Michigan, but then again, I've been very fortunate during winter driving. I'm leaving in January though, so I'm definitely looking forward to not having to drive through another Michigan winter.

Still, it makes you wonder why people live in places like this when they don't really have to.


Could they close that hill during nasty weather? Is there another way around that's not too far out of the way? I'm sure this shit happens all winter long, every year, right?


There are always places like this when it not just snows but gets icy. There's a spot where I grew up you could go to on a snowy day to see the carnage. It's like a slow motion train wreck.


Just one block over is an easier way up but most of those cars couldn't hack that way either. To drive these hills in this type of condition you need snow tires not all weather tires. Best to have front wheel or 4 wheel drive. If you have rear wheel drive, a weighted back end is a must.


This is a great place to live. I prefer it over Southern California. We've got great rivers, lakes, mountains & parks. My commute is 12 minutes. We bought our house for 155 seven years ago. The same house & yard in Long Beach, where I'm from, would go for 850. My wife can stay home with the kids.

Despite the Southern California reputation for bombshells, the girls here are way prettier. It's not even close.


And it's mostly natural beauty without the fake tits and fake faces the fake SC girls have.


I grew up in the pacific northwest and fuck people cannot drive in the snow. After 17 years in the east, going back home and driving in the winter is hilarious. One thing I'll give them though, they can drive in the rain, a little downpour here and everyone slows down 10-20km an hour.


You must have grown up in the Seattle area. I live in Easter Washington and I have to believe, despite the examples in the video above, the people here drive in the snow better than people on the East Coast. That's just a guess though 'cause I haven't actually seen them drive.

I kind of give Seattle drivers a pass on snow driving. They sometimes have to deal with it but it's kind of the exception so i can't fault them for not spending 300 bucks for a set of snow tires. Here you know you're going to have snow for a few months every year so you a dumbass if you're not prepared for it.


I'm kind of surprised at that first video. I would figure that in Spokane, seeing as how it snows EVERY YEAR, that people would be ready for it and know how to drive.

As you mentioned, snow in Seattle is kind of the exception. So the one random day in November where we actually get it, its no wonder why no one can drive.


No even worse, I grew up on southern Vancouver Island, 2 inches of snow and everything shuts down LOL. My kid begs for a snow day, but here it takes more than a foot before things slow down.