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slide push ups

hey chad (or anyone who knows, for that matter), i’m givin’ your slide push ups a try(from your massive chest program), they really fry your pecs. i was wondering, would doing those with your feet elevated do any good? will that hit more the “upper” pecs? i’m asking because i feel that part is laging. thanks in advance… and oh yes, english is not my first language so i apologise if readinf this gives you headache

Your English is better than most of the posts I read from those who have English as a first language.
Slightly elevating your feet is a good idea for angle variation. This also makes the slide push-up a little tougher. But don’t elevate your feet more than 12" (that’s inches, not feet for all you Spinal Tap fans).
A true masochist can perform the slide push-ups with straight arms - yikes!

thanks, chad. and yes they are a little tougher (the push ups, i mean), but since i don’t have an x-vest, nor see it possible to get one down here (i’m from argentina) that’s ok. thanks for the replie, i’m sure gone try the version but the arms extended (hoping not to smash my chin on the floor :wink: )

hey i was wondering what a slide push up is? or what article i can go to to read up on more about it? any help would be much appreciated. thanks

JWG-You obviously aren’t familiar with the 8th Wonder of the World: the T-Mag search engine. You seem enthusiastic to learn, so I’ll help you out.

See those two white boxes at the left? Type in what you want to find in the left one. Then, if you’re looking for an article, drag down in the right box to “T-mag.” Click “Perform Search.” You should find what you’re looking for in no time.

If you want to search the forums, just select “T-Forums.” There’s lots of good info there as well.

It was in Chad Waterbury’s last article at T-mag - Big Chest something. Just go to the previous issues section.

thanks paul t and eric. i appriciate it. eric thanks for showing me where the search engine is. actually i did use it and it just gives me articles about it, not the article it self. but thanks again. i do have to admit that i am a new b but i’m reading alot and learning alot thanks to everybody’s insight. and eric thanks again for showing me where running man was i guess i just skimmed past it when i was looking at previous issues. once i get off work it looks like i’m going to do a lot of running. its sad as tall as i am i should be able to do alot of different kind of dunks, oh well. it looks like this white boy can’t jump. YET!


don’t feel bad reagarding the search function, it is practically useless.

You’ll have muhc better luck finding back articles in T-mag by just searching on www.google.com.

In particular, if you do use google and you lookgin for stuff on t-mag, do something like

“Chad Waterbury” site:www.t-mag.com

That’ll turn up all the page’s with Chad’s name in them on t-mag, obviously, just replace whatever it is your looking for.

thanks seanc. the thing is when i get on t-mag its pretty much only at work and we can only get onto sites that are realated to our call. everything else is blocked ( i work at a telemarketing place ) and t-mag is related to our call cause i sell there products. which i can’t believe how much better in shape i am because of bio test and t-mag. i recommend it to everyone i know. but thank you for letting me know how to search better. i’ll have to try that when i’m at home.