Slept w/ My Roomate! Help!

I am embarassed to have to write this, but this is truly my hour of need. I moved back out west a couple weeks ago and moved in with my best bro from high school and two other people, one of them being a pretty hot chick with a great personality. Although she’s got a boyfriend we’d been flirting around a little bit but knew that that should be the extent of it. Well tonight we both had a bit to drink and found ourselves alone and ended up doing the deed. We’ve both agreed it was fun and not to tell our two other roommates, but she seems set on altering her situation with her bf in light of it. I don’t intend on getting together with her in a boy/girlfriend situation but am not sure whether I should be taking a proactive role in damage control or just ‘wait and see what happens’. Being an A type waiting around seems impossible. Any advice from the resident players on this site would be appreciated. Thanks.