For the past couple of weeks I’ve been walking around in kind of a foggy, almost sleepy state, cant focus on anything especially work, everything and everybody sucks.

The only time I feel focused or at peace is while I’m lifting and I feel ok for a little while after. Like this morning all I wanted to do is go to sleep, to hell with everything, but after going to the gym I feel a little better.


  1. Could this be a cortisol response due to stress?
    If so, what to do?

  2. Could this be due to a dietary deficiency?
    Any supplements I might add?

Just received my Alpha Male order today but reluctant to start, adding to an already agressive and apathetic state might not be wise.

Any suggestions, questions or ideas especially from the endocrine/supplement gurus
would be helpful.

Can you say “overtraining?”

K-Train, Are you getting enough sleep? Something like sleep apnea can cause feelings of tiredness and malase if you’re not getting a good night’s sleep.

Sounds like it could be overtraining, lack of sleep, or minor depression. If you’re having trouble sleeping, you may consider taking some GABA, it’ll help you sleep better, and more efficiently. You’ll feel more well rested, and it may help you think more clearly.

Do you use an alarm clock? I read an article, I think from EliteFits, “The Big Sleep” which really suggests throwing away the alarm clock. I love it. I used to have the same problem you did. It really makes you redefine your priorites, because if you have to be up in the morning, you’d better go to sleep early enough, because the excuse ‘well i don’t use an alarm clock’ doesn’t work so well. The only thing I had to change was I have to shower in the morning now. Without the alarm, it takes a cold shower to get me going, but the rest of the day I feel great. I really find it hard to overtrain if I let my body sleep as much as it needs at night. Definitly check out that article, there’s atleast one follow up as well.

Thanks for your input everyone.

Although my symptoms are consistant with overtraining I am not convinced that is the problem.

I’m getting enough sleep, but the quality of sleep I’m getting may be a factor, thanks for the article btw.

Nutrition is pretty good but I think maybe I’m missing something there in the form of micro-nutrients, thinking about adding fish oil.

It was pointed out that I have been kind of stressed as of late, due to new changes in business and other issues, I was told I need a vacation, maybe all I need is a couple weeks at the beach to re-focus and get back in the game.

Your symptoms could def. be related to stress. Cortisol or just generalized adrenal fatigue could be playing a part. What supps have you been taking? What stim. type products, i.e ephedrine, caffeine, etc?

Overtraining could be a factor. How long have you been working out without a break? It’s a good idea to take a resting pulse first thing in the morning before getting out of bed, prior to initiatiing a new training program. By checking the pulse regularly as you go through the program, you can monitor for any sign. rise (appx 10 bpm) which could be a sign of overtraining).

You could get some generalized blood work done as well.

A supp like Power Drive would help with adrenal fatigue as it provides the precursors needed for neurotran. production. If you could answer the questions above, some further rec. could be made.

take care


As far as supps go, nothing too crazy, no stims, just the basics ,protein, creatine, multis, and anti ox, oh and flax oil. I think I’ll add Power Drive to the lineup as well. Thanks for the suggestion.

Overtraining is not the issue, I am 3 weeks into new routine after a 2 week active rest cycle, besides, my normal response to overtraining is lack of focus in the gym but it seems that is the only place I really feel focused and connected.

Sleep may be a factor, even though I am getting 7 to 8 hrs that might not be enough. I’m going to try to add an hour each night tosee what happens.

Stress is definitly a contributor but thats something I’ll have to work out.

You could try some melatonin for a couple of nights to see if it improves your sleep quality.

It’s been said dozens of times - so I guess once more won’t hurt :-).

If you think it’s a sleep issue, try ZMA about an hour before hitting the hay. I’ve got sleep issues myself (restless limb syndrome), and the ZMA helps significantly.

Good luck.

T.E. Young

The ZMA may help with sleep. General blood work would be a good idea if symptoms persist.


Folic acid 400 mcg 4xday and Vit E 200IU 2xday has shown to help with restless leg.

In addition avoid foods with caffeine and methylxanthines (coffee, tea, chocolate, etc)
Avoid nicotine
Limit refined carbs