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Sleepy Head!

Ok this is getting nuts. Ever since I have gotten to a point where I can see consistent strength and size gains from my routine and diet, I have one nasty side effect.

In the evening, twice or three times a week, after dinner - I just CRASH. I fall asleep HARD.

Not just getting post food coma tired and sleepy, I mean lights out - he’s down for the count.

Its really getting me worried.

My dinner is usually protein of about 40 grams (chicken/fish) and some form of carb - probably around 60 grams. with some fiber.

Its the same food I have been eating all along, but now I have more mass, and strength and less body fat - oh, and my workouts I do 4 days a week are massively exhausting.

Water intake is good.
No weird supps

Maybe its just too much ?

Do you get hypoglycemic in the evening from a morning or day-before work out ?

I get tired at night after a hard workout - especially deads. I think it’s just the body demanding the rest it needs to grow. How much sleep are you getting on a regular basis?

Happens to me anytime I get a good load of carbohydrates, which I don’t usually eat. Couple that with the body’s need to repair and you’ve got a quick trip to the land of Nod.

Sounds like sleep debt - I had a great nights sleep and feel terrific. Of course, this dramatic effect is only something I have noticed in the last few months - and - of course my training has gone up to a new level of intensity so maybe its just that I have never been here before.