Sleepy After Workout

I was wondering how to alleviate being sleepy right after a CrossFit wod. I always try to stay hydrated during/after the workout and often have a quick meal right after the wod to try and replenish carbs etc…. Normally can’t just take a nap because I normally have to go to work not very long after wod.

How many carbs and what else is in the meal?
And what’s a typical WOD after which you’re most sleepy?

Just don’t do the WOD you silly goose

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Normally hit a local hibachi place in town. Not really sure how to measure the exact amount, but the plate I get often has good bit of rice. Will also occasionally get sushi on top of that. As far as the type of workout that really makes me sleepy, it tends to be cardio-based; lots of running, biking, rowing, etc…

Dollars to donuts you’re overdoing it on carbs/ total calories. That would put me in a coma too.

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Hadn’t considered the post workout meal to be the culprit. I’ll try doing something lower carb/calories the next week or so and see how it goes.

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Sometimes it just takes another set of eyes - that’s what we’re here for!

Food coma is a thing. So combining that with an exhausting workout may definitely contribute to feeling sleepy afterwards.

Agree with others probably down to excess carbs, only thing you can do is reduce meal size and have more smaller meals, drinks lots of water as well