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Sleepy After Eating Eggs for Breakfast


I was wondering if anyone would know the reason why having scrambled eggs for breakfast makes me really tired?

I have them with a small amount of milk and butter, thats it.

Would it be the trytophan in them or maybe I'm slightly intolerant?


How many eggs are you eating and do you ever have them at a different time of the day? If so, when and does it make you tired then as well?


It's a bit strange. You have them without carbs?

Try these things:

  • Eat the exact same meal at a diffrent time. I.e. for lunch or supper. Does this have the same impact?

  • Eat a meal which does not contain eggs, but somewhat mimics the egg-breakfasts macronutrient profile. Try a protein shake with a relatively fast absorbed kind of protein (whey isolate). Does this leave you sleepy as well?

We'll know more than. There are manifold possible reasons for your symptoms. I wouln't even exclude that it's caused by too little/no carbs in the morning. Tryptophan overselection (tryptophan concentrations in the blood have to be muuuuch higher than other amino acid titers) is improbable, but I wouldn't exclude it without having your blood tested, or, at first, have you do the two "experiments" above.


It's probable that your blood sugar is elevated to a point that the insulin that's secreted after the meal is overcompensating and removing too much glucose from your bloodstream causing a hypoglycemic state.Much like the crash you'll experience after a sugar high.

EDIT: Just saw that you eat no carbs at breakfast. Eat carbs with them and see how ya feel.


I would guess mild allergy.

Go with the idea of eating the eggs on a different meal and assess your energy levels again about an hour or so.


could have something due to the choline in the eggs as well. some people feel more alert, while others have the opposite effect....


Do you have any idea what an allergy even is?

If the OP had a skin reaction or a respiratory complications, that would constitute a POSSIBLE allergy. Drowsiness is NOT usually a symptom of an allergy.


Forgive my ignorance as it was a slip-up in which I regurgitated something I read without critically thinking about it. I used the term "allergy" too loosely as a description of the OP's symptoms as he does not indicate any sort of inflammatory response to the eggs.

What do you say that he is experiencing then Ponce?