So I find myself in all sorts of strange situations, due to sleepwalking - for example:

Yesterday I wake up - my roomate is at her boyfriends house, so I’m home alone - and in bed with me is pretty much everything from my room. Stereo, speakers, lamps, bench, everything. There I was, curled up in bed with an arm around a Sony speaker.

Often times I will wake up in front of the fridge, eating cottage cheese or other things.

I’ve woken up outside a few times.

Umm, anyone else?

That’s funny, you waking up with everything in your bed with you. Good thing you didn’t hook up that night. I can see the girl waking up to lamps and speakers being placed on her!

Are you trying to gain mass? If so, then you’re set, with those nightime feedings of cottage cheese. You don’t have to get up like the rest of us!

That’s some pretty weird shit. It could have been worse, You could have been humping the sony speaker. LOL!

i saw fat people on doctor phil that sleep eat.

these people would wake up in the middle of the night and eat all the garbage they could get their hands on, then fast during the day because they knew they ate so much the night before. they couldnt figure out what to do.

i almost called the show and said “why dont you morons just stock your fridge with healthy foods so you wont have such a problem.”

one time I slept walk and had to go to the bathroom(apparently) and someone was using the toilet. So I opened up the pantry and proceeded to urinate in the big rubbermaid container with the dog food in it. My parents were like “What are you doing?!” and I said “I took the lid off!” and then I went back to bed. Good times.

I posted a similar problem awhile back on late workout/PD/hot rox and wierd dreams/night terrors. Night terrors really suck and I end up doing some strange/violent things ie. beating the lamp in the corner of my room to pieces while yelling obscenities. When I was little I had a few NTs for no reason. Now that I’m older I find that trying not to train late/no PD stops them.

I slept walk at least one time before. I walked into my parents bedroom, then straight into their restroom. Turned on the light in the bathroom, then started peeing in the corner. My mom came in and straightened me into the toilet. I walked right back to bed. The next morning, she asked me about it, and I had no idea what she was talking about.


I sleepwalked when I was a kid. Once I woke up and I was in my aunt’s backyard. She lived down the street from us. THAT scared the shit outta me. You know how scared of being alone in the dark you are as a kid…add to that feeling confused and panicking, lol.

I remember going to bed once - I slept in my own bed as a kid. Later that night I heard my brother ‘Tony, get outta here, goddamn it’. I just told him to go to sleep. Then I heard another of my brothers telling me to get the hell outta there, and they started pushing me around. Then I realized I was in my younger brothers’bed. We were all very young, but the two of em slept in a small bed. Well, I somehow got int here and now there were 3 of us in a tiny bed, lol. That was hilarious.

I too once woke up with ALL my toys in my bed when I was a kid. Everysingle one of em was in front of me and I was playing with them when all of a sudden woke up. Talk about love for playing.

Another time - the last time it happened, again as a kid - I had a weird dream, and I was yelling something stupid. My mom came over with her friends - they were having a party - and asked me what was the matter. For some stupid reason I kept saying it was my two dollars. I was freaking out and saying something about my two dollars someone had given me earlier that day. One of the guys there loved the show and after poking fun of me said he would give me 2 dollars the next day. I have no idea why I was freaking out because of TWO dollars. Anyhow, I felt so embarrassed about freaking out in my sleep in front of my mom’s friends I never did it again.

Anyhow - that’s HILARIOUS. You sure must love your stereo, lol…

You’re a sick pud, Rumbach, and need some serious psychological evaluations.

Actually, when I was a kid about six years old, I:

-woke up out in the front yard, having no idea how I got there;

-woke up to my mom screaming at me, because I was peeing in the bathroom closet;

-woke up to my dad screaming at me because I was peeing on his leg while he was in the bathroom washing his hands in the sink

(damn parents have no sense of humor!)

My old college roommate was a mystery pisser. He would sleep walk in the middle of the night and go in all kinds of weird places. You had to keep your bedroom door locked at night or there was a good chance you would wake up to find him squirting on your bed.

Magnus, ole’ buddy, how ya been since we last say each other? :slight_smile:

My wife used to wake me up in the middle of the night all panicky, sitting up in bed and looking frantically around the sheets.

Her: “Do you see it? There it is!! Oh, my God!! Get it!”

Me: (wide awake by now): “See what?!”

Her: “That spider! It’s huge and it just bit me!”

I mean she’s looking around so frantically that her hair’s flying all over the place, and by now I’m kinda freaked.

But, of course, as I look around there’s nothing, and she just responds “Oh”, lays down and falls asleep within ten seconds. Now I’m awake for the next hour.

Another time, she rolled out of the rack and informs me, “I’ll be back soon.” I say “It’s three a.m., sweetheart, where’re you going?”. She responds “To the store”. “To get what?” I ask. “I forgot.” she replies.

Well, she forgot one thing. To put any clothes on! This girl is headed straight toward the front door stark-ass naked to go to the store!

I had to jump in front of her, give her a hug, and gently wake her up. Her response?

“What are we doing out here naked, ya pervert?”

I remember one dream where I ate a giant marshmellow. When I woke up my pillow was gone!

(Man thats an old joke…)

One time in highschool, I woke up in the middle of the night, dreaming that my alarm was going off. So I climbed down the ladder (I had a loft bed), and hit the button. Of course, since I was still dreaming, there was still a sound going off. So I picked up my alarm clock and bashed it into the ground a few times. When that didn’t work, I walked into my mother’s room, and just stood there. She eventually woke up, startled, and asked me what was wrong. “My alarm won’t stop going off.” “Why don’t you just unplug it?” “oh, ok”
So I went back into my room, unplugged the clock, bashed it into the ground a few more times, and then climbed back into bed. That clock was never the same again.

I had to do a trauma rotation with a trauma surgery team at a medical center in South Los Angeles. There was very little time for sleep on our call days and almost every waking minute was 100mph stressfest. So you can imagine that everyone had bad dreams or slept walked a little especially when they first got there.

Anyway, I remember falling asleep in the trauma centers bunk room, but when I woke up I was sitting on a counter in the cat scan room. Had no idea how I got there. The tech thought I was acting a little weird but figured I was just trying to hide from the rest of the team.

good times… good times

But a good one, Phatman! :slight_smile:

One last one from me.

My son is always reaching out and grabbing onto an invisible piece of food, bringing it to his mouth, and then chewing (with his mouth open - he knows better than that!) and chewing. Then he’ll do it again and again, all the while asleep.

Must be genetic.

Haha, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one.

Last time I had an incident with someone else in the room was a couple weeks ago - the girl was sleeping next to me, and I sat straight up, and then attacked the “intruder” in the corner, which turned out to be a pile of clothes. I kicked those pants ass, brah.

Last night was blissfully sleep-walk free though.

I wake up at work all the time, but wait, I guess that’s not the same… :slight_smile:

ok my turn
when i was younger i would sleep walk all the time
-i get up out of bed open the door walk down the hall into the living room and start pissing. in my head i’m in the bathroom with the light realy bright pissing in the toilet. any way my mom hears water flowing up stairs…walks up and here i am just pissing the night a way…then she wakes me up and says what the hell are you doing.
sometimes i would just get lazy and instead of walk all the way down the hall to the living room i would just get up and piss right by my bed…i got to remember its turn left go straigt then turn left again… i keep thinking to go straight HAHAHA LOL

the craziest times was when i was staying the night at my friends house down stairs on the floor. well i woke up in the bathroom taking a dump. lol
the sad thing is that the bathroom was around the corner go straight then turn left up the stairs turn left up the stairs again and then to the bathroom. and this wasn’t even my house! too funny