Sleeping Problems

Home for winter break before i have to head back on sunday and I have gotten into some irregular sleeping patterns. Since I’ve been home, i’ve lied in bed and watched the sun rise about five times after lying in bed for about four hours. Then the other times i fall asleep around 3-5am just lying in bed. Most of the time then I wake up around 1pm to 2pm.

Ive tried setting alarms but I dont remember waking up and turning them off and then going back to sleep, but evidently I do because I wake up later than planned. Sometimes Ive taken like tylenol pm @ around 11 or so and then falling asleep at 12, but then I dont wake up till 1pm the next day. I know once i go back to school Ill be dead in a week.

Any thoughts or suggestions on any of this?

Suck it up tomorrow and go for a nice long walk or run just after sunrise, no matter how little sleep you get. Exposure to light plus activity will reset your clock.

Never lie in bed for too long. You’ll start associating your bed with not sleeping.

It’s hard to do, but the trick is to not work yourself up about this. It’s something in your head that’s keeping you up, an issue or worry of some sort that you haven’t dealt with.

Not sleeping is 100% mental.

This happens to me a lot, too, and I know exactly what you mean about the alarm situation.

I find that pulling an all-nighter and going to bed around 9pm or so lets me wake up at around 8 o’clock the following morning without too much residual fatigue, at which point I can adjust my sleep schedule a little more easily.

The tough part is just making it through the day after the all-nighter (you should definitely not plan on sitting around the house), and forget about working out the day after your catch-up sleep. I find it usually takes another night of solid rest to completely make up for the short sleep deprivation.

Not sure if this would be your cup of tea, but it works wonders for me. It just takes a little willpower to keep going to bed at a reasonable hour (having an active day and being able to say ‘no’ to TV helps).

OP, I feel your pain. It’s 5am where I am, and I haven’t had a wink yet.

I’d try that run in the morning thing, but am afraid there ain’t much sun around here. Conner’s idea sounds better.

If your sleep problems aren’t too bad/chronic then generic ambien is cheap and effective for reseting your clock. Just one or two nights and you’re set.