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Sleeping problems

In case it matters in answering my real question here is some information.
I just started a mass gaining phase again, I am currently 6’ 177 pounds, and I want to get to around 185-190. I started using GVT and am eating 3400 calories a day with healthy fats, and am eating around 250g carbohydrates a day, at least 300g protein, and the rest fat. For supplememnts I am using whey protein, surge and Myoplex mass.

I just got back to college a week ago and lately I have been trouble sleeping, it takes me a while to fall asleep and even then I wake up a few times during the night. Do you have any reccomendations as to what I can do? I have heard that ZMA and melatonin work, but have heard some mixed stories about effects ZMA. Also I dont party much (twice a month is a LOT for me, even once a month is rare) Thanks for any help.