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Sleeping Problems from Whey Protein?


my doc said that my sleeping problems is from whey protein im using, she said it's giving me too much energy, i dont really belive her because she also said people who work out dont need whey protein (lol) but my mom is not buying me anymore whey, have you had any sleeping probs b4? got any info on this subject?


need help guys


As a rule of thumb, I like to assume that general practitioners don't know shit about the needs of an athlete. You do need protein if you are working out (though it doesn't have to necessarily be whey, assuming you eat enough food). I have never heard of it causing sleep problems though, especially since I have seen a few different types of whey that have tryptophan in them (the shit in turkey that makes you sleepy). The only way I would think it would effect sleep is if you are lactose intolerant, but even then most proteins have lactase enzymes in them now.

Do you workout at night?
Have a pre-bed routine?
Eat right before bed (especially carbs)?
Spend a lot of time in front of a computer or tv, especially late at night?
Have circulatory problems?
Other disorders (sleep apnea, restless leg)?
Take naps during the day?

I think those would be more reasonable things to look at before accusing a whey supplement of your sleep problems.


i'm sorry but this is too much...


'Ya know what'd be swell? If you went back and responded to some of the questions brought up in your last thread:

'Ya know what else would be swell? If you stopped being such a yutz by starting threads and then bumping them just a few minutes later. You've done that in every single thread you've started and it's ridiculous.

As I explained in the thread above, you're asking for free advice and nobody here owes you anything, least of all the time and energy to give you advice which, apparently, you don't care enough about to reply to anyhow.


and one more thing....

buy your own fucking whey


My doc asked me if I was taking protein powders as they have steroids in them.

/True story

She was cute though


i hate hearing stories like this.

OP: Devil's advocate says that Calcium competes with zinc and magnesium for absorption in the gut. We all know that zinc and magnesium help with sleeping. Therefore dont have whey after 6pm, take your ZMA at 8pm. Sleep like a baby.

When I as in high school I ordered my whey online (mailed in money orders cause I didn't have a card) and had it shipped to my football coach. Where there's a will theres a whey


What kind of sleeping problems do you have?
Do you wake up often in the middle of the night?
Do you wake up, in the morning, very tired and exhausted?
Do you have lots of troubles falling asleep?

What do you do before going to sleep?


Protein is used to re-build the body. It isn't a form of energy like carbs and fat. If your having trouble sleeping i would suggest looking at the label and reading the Ingredients. Theres something else in that shake. other than whey protein.....


Trouble sleeping is not necessarily related to the whey...