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Sleeping Problem After Workout

I’m back to training in MMA and the class runs from 7-9pm. When I get home I try to relax for an hour and a half before going to bed. However, whenever I try going to bed I just toss and turn all night long. Is this something my body needs to get use to with the late workouts. I was training earlier in the day around 4pm and never had any issues. Any tips to make this easier?

Are you eating after the workout?

I just recently figured out that if I eat whole food within 3 hours of bedtime, which I typically don’t, I’m up until about 0500.

Lots of things affect sleep. Have you tried Z-12 or melatonin? I’ve had success with both.

take ZMA you’ll sleep like a baby.

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i take a post workout shake mostly protein rich.

Could be nervous system is very fired up, -warm down in the gym like 5 mins cardio on elliptical super light then some stretching. Then watch comedy/stuff that makes you laugh when get home. Great for recovery and health in general anyway.

That sucks, I had the same issue when lifting at night especially on squat or deadlifft day. I had to switch to lifting at lunch or in the AM. I never found a consistent fix. I think like @RampantBadger said, it could just be your CNS is ramped up. ZMA was hit or miss for me at the time (it works wonders otherwise).

to much cortisol…its doing this when im taking pre workout at 4 pm ! cant even sleep at 10

When u find what works, let us know…

I’m gonna try ZMA or Z12 to replace melatonin next payday. Sadly, a fixed income makes it like that. Better than zero income tho for sure :slight_smile:

Z-12 is fantastic, but I normally use ZMA and a thyroid supp (iodral I think it’s called). I get the ZMA from here.

I’m interested in what exactly the thyroid supo is and where I can get it as well as cost? Been thinking something like that would be a good idea.

So you’ve used Z-12 and ZMA both, and prefer ZMA why exactly? I’ve only used ZMA when it first came out. It definitely gave me sound sleep but I thought maybe the Z12 being newer might be better is y i ask…

Thx :slight_smile:

This use to happen to me. Switched to working out in the mornings and haven’t had a problem since.

My hypothesis was that my system was too fired up and it took me 2-3 hours to fall asleep. But when I would squat or deadlift really heavy, I would be able to go to sleep with no problem.

$35 on Amazon.

I wouldn’t say I prefer ZMA. I just typically use ZMA on most days and save Z-12 for days I feel really drained and want to sleep solid as fuck, lol. In which case, I’ll usually use both. There’s some overlap I think, but the formula’s are different.

The iodine sup has been night and day. I’m so glad I started taking it. I wish Biotest would make one with Selenium as well.

*I take 1 tablet a day before bed.

Awesome thanks !

K I just ordered from Amazon. Got some Biotest stuff ordered as well (ZMA & Curcumin). The ZMA I’m already confident with, the rest I’ll give a shot :). Thx again for the info.

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