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Sleeping on Side Aggravates My Shoulder

Hi there folks,

I have been experiencing high levels of aggravation and pain in the mornings when i wake up on my right shoulder - I had a rotator cuff injury a while back and it niggles away at me from time to time especially when i sleep on it - uncontrollably when im in dreamland obviuosly - so this cant be helped!!

My question is this - do you experience the same problem?

Any replies will be grateful - if your ever in Bristol in the UK - come train with me.


I used to sleep on my side all the time, what has worked for me was working the hell out of my upper back(rhomboids/traps etc…) has made it much easier to sleep on my back.

For your rotatory cuff http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance_repair/pushups_face_pulls_and_shrugs

Try puting a towel in your armpit area on the side that is off the mattress and place your head on a high pillow so that the downside shoulder is not compressed too tightly. helps me quite a bit.

Cheers thanks guys for your advice I will try that and see how it goes…will keep you posted!!!