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Sleeping Issues


Anyone in the TN community have sleep troubles? and if so, what are some of your recommendations and how do you deal? i seem to go through cycles of decent sleep pattern, then pretty bad. as im sure most of you can relate, i get up to piss 1 or 2 times a night. half the time i can fall right back asleep but the other half i can lay awake for up to an hour and a half or so.


I’ve seen studies that say that water causes sleep “disorders” for exactly what you’re describing. I drink plenty of water, but I’ve been sure to taper off my intake as i get towards bed.

Beyond that, theres basic OTC sleep aid from the store, diphenhydramine, aka benadryl. Buy generic allergy relief, it’s usually the cheapest in my experience. Theres also melatonin that yoy could take, i take 3mg every other night. Theres also chamomile tea, or warm milk (just throwing it out there, no it won’t curdle if you warm it up in the microwave).

On the weekends, if i get TOO much sleep (10+ hrs) it makes it hard to sleep the next night,aybe meter the amount of sleep you get?? If you aim for over 8 a night, maybe your body is simply saying “I have enough sleep, LETS GO”! Yoy could also increase your physical activity in order for your body to require more sleep.

Oh, and pot helps too :stuck_out_tongue:


thanks @carbiduis didnt know about that water induced sleep disorder business. the tapering ive tried, but problem is i train after work, so im usually not done until around 8pm, with that being said i drink alot of water during and after. i tend to hit the sack around 1130, so…yeah. as far as physical activity, i train hard AF 4/5 days a week, and regardless of the output of energy i still have this problem. i actually wondered if i was training too hard? i.e. CNS all ramped up, etc.


A good sign of an intense, hard training session for me is the need to sleep afterwards.


I have a terrible time sleeping on squat and deadlift day and the subsequent day after. I don’t know why and it’s annoying. I’ve also found the combination of caffeine and sugar really fucks me up (like Soda). I could drink a cup of Joe right before bed and sleep like a baby, but if I drink a soda forget about sleeping all night. I like Z12 to help me sleep.


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I have trouble sleeping sometimes after workouts and just in general for various reasons.

Sometimes I let a source of stress bother me to the point where I lose sleep (issues with my son’s mom, for example).

Sometimes I’ve just been going to bed too late for a few days straight, so my body gets used to it and it becomes difficult to get to sleep earlier.

Sometimes I find it difficult to get comfortable. I’m a side sleeper, if I have a sore shoulder or something, it can really affect my ability to get comfortable while lying in bed.

I’ve read and suppose that personal experience supports that drinking before bed can keep you awake. Like if you have like a glass of wine, you should be fine, but if you’re drunk it could throw off your hormones and keep you up (not to mention making you have to pee a lot).

The pre-workout supp that you take could keep you up, too. If you take your pre-workout too late in the day, it can affect your ability to sleep hours later. This has happened to me and is the most likely reason I have a hard time sleeping on workout nights, sometimes.

Being amped from the workout can also have a similar affect. I play soccer on Sundays. There have been times that I played a late game and came home and couldn’t sleep. I’m guessing the adrenaline rush from running hard for an hour wasn’t over, yet.

There are a lot of things that can affect it, so you may have to look at every possibility to figure out what the problem is. There are some articles on the site that talk about sleep quality that you may want to check out (if you haven’t already). Those could answer some questions. Just go to the search feature and type in sleep and you should find some (older threads that may also have some answers will also pop up).


thx @TDub301 i appreciate the response. so frustrating to go 1150% in the gym only to have progress slowed by this annoying shit. just finished my 3rd wave of 531 and the combination of minimal sleep with hard training makes me feel gross. im extremely sensitive to caffeine, so i dont take any supplements w stimulants in them. i take some tribulus supp an hour before i train and some amino intra workout. both free of anything that would keep me up. i knock out just fine, its STAYING asleep once i wake that is fucking me. i was taking benadryl most nights at one point in time but didnt like that groggy medicinal feeling post waking. thanks again everyone for your contribution.


Reason I work out in the morning.


@kidglitter do you play video games? Video games, particularly online shooters, keep me up.


@usmccds423 i do actually lol. but like i said, i knock out easy mode. its staying asleep that i cant seem to do.


Ya, staying asleep is a problem I have as well. I’ve noticed I sleep more soundly when I haven’t played that day. I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

It’s especially true with shooter like Call of Duty.


Do you take magnesium? From articles here, I’ve read that magnesium can help make you have deeper sleep.

It’s in ZMA, but I was already taking zinc twice a day (from an article TC wrote about increasing testosterone), so rather than get ZMA I just added magnesium once a day before I go to bed.

You can also try 5-htp. Helps with seratonin levels, which may also help you stay asleep. I recently started taking 5-htp, and it seems to be helping (not making a BIG difference, but I do seem to sleep better and have more vivid dreams on most nights).

If you’re looking at less than 6 hours of sleep that night, you may not want to do the 5-htp though, it could make you more drowsy when you wake up if you don’t get enough sleep. So save it for full nights of sleep if you try it.

You can also try stuff like meditation and other mind exercising type things to keep your brain from running a mile a minute. It may be a factor in you waking up in the middle of the night and be masked by still falling asleep easily.

I never had a problem with any of this stuff until I was in my late 20s, early 30s. Then I had to start paying a lot more attention… I guess getting good sleep can be exhausting for some people, haha


I’ve found that Z12 helps me fall asleep while melatonin helps me stay asleep. Both improve the quality of the sleep that I get. I tend to move around while I’m out (all the blankets and pillows are thrown across the floor), but Z12/melatonin seem to keep me in deeper sleep.

I also take ZMA, but I’ve never noticed much difference in sleep quality with that supplement.

I have noticed the effects of gaming on sleep. I’ve been turning off all screens an hour before bed the last few weeks, and it’s definitely improved my sleep quality.