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Sleeping Aids: Time for Z-12?

So I dont sleep very well anymore. I have had this problem for a few years now, Im 24 years old btw, and I have tried quite a few different solutions.

Basically, I cannot seem to relax and get my mind to stop thinking about everything I have done that day (im in school and do A LOT of math and science classes) and the things I need to do the next day. This happens, regardless of how tired I feel and how badly I want to sleep.

Do you guys think this is an anxiety problem that is keeping me up, or is it a sleep related problem in the sense that my body isnt producing the right levels of seratonin or whatever?

I have finals coming up, and its crucial that I sleep well. I have tried melatonin and other sleep aids from GNC and what not, with no success. ZMA helped me sleep good for about a week or two, now it just doesnt cut it. I have used someone elses ambien before, which seemed to work out alright, but I do not have access to get it prescribed to me.

So what about Z-12? If this is an anxiety problem, will Z-12 help at all? At this point, I am ready to just buy some and try it, but I am curious to get some other opinions on this, maybe from some people who have similiar issues.

If not Z-12, what are some other recommendations?

The combination of Z-12 & ZMA has worked wonders for me…used to be a chronic insomniac (4 hours a night used to be a GREAT night)…been sleeping a lot better since using those supplements…woke up only once in 7.5 hours last night.

melatonin works sometimes for me. zma worked for a lil while. nothing compares to the lunesta and ambien I’ve tried. but the amnesia sucked. have you ever considered just going to target and buy the store brand bottle of allergy relief stuff. 100 tabs. each tab 25mg of diphenhydramine. basically generic benadryl.

for $5 2 tabs should do the trick. but you might have to experiment with timing and amount of sleep. can cause droginess in am. has anyone tried l-tryptophan?

I havent tried the allergy relief stuff, but I have tried some stuff that has tryptophan in it, and it did not seem to do much. I thought about try some of the 5HTP stuff you can get from walmart, but I am basically running out of time before my finals, which is what I am really concerned with.

Basically, I function ok on a day to day basis with about 5 hours of sleep, and even though I would like more, I can deal with that. However, I have some tough classes like Calculus III, Calculus based Physics, and some Engineering classes that I will be taking finals on soon, and I want to do everything I can to stack the odds in my favor of performing well.

With these classes, and lifting, and some other stuff I got going on, it really takes a toll on my body, and if typically towards the end of the week I am just drained. I feel that is due to the lack of sleep.

I know I wont sleep much the night before the finals, mostly due to anxiety, so thats why I want a “proven” sleep aid, which seems to be Z12. I dont think I have found a review of it where the person was not satisfied with it, but I am just curious to see if anyone with mild anxiety issues has used it and liked it.

I’ve tried both, ZMA works much better for me.

The problem might just be that you’re talking to yourself late at night and you want to kind of recap the day to yourself. I do this as well. If you this is the case that you have ‘inner dialogue’, what has worked for me is to slow down the rate at which you go through those things in your head.

Slow it down to where it kind of becomes boring to listen to yourself. If you ever had a lecturer whose voice put you to sleep during class, you what I mean. It might take some practice, and you might want to resort to your old ways because they’re familiar, but working on this should help. The anxiety as you describe it might just come from you being concerned with not getting enough sleep, and it will probably go away once you know how to put yourself to sleep. Something to think about…

Can you go to your Dr and ask for a script for Ambien? Tell him what you told us…

Rub one off, take a shot or Jager :), hot baths, Lift at night…

There are ways to sleep.

you could always go for benadryl or nyquil…but those mornings are rough. i don’t suggest unless it’s realllly needed.

Oh and red wine might help

I don’t use it often as I usually sleep pretty good. But, when I experience a bit of insomnia and then use it, it puts me under solidly. Z-12 that is.


Those all sound like good ideas to try. I will have to experiment some more with them.

Basically, I dont want to be on anything on a consistant basis, but I need something like Z-12 to help put me down when I must get sleep, so I went ahead and bought some.

If I drink, I have no problem sleeping. Captain Morgran 100 proof does the trick, but that is obviously not a good solution. I guess I could try the glass of wine a night idea, see how that works (though I hate wine, and I have a feeling it will just give me a headache.)

Thanks for the ideas guys, I really appreciate it and I am going to try some of your suggestions for day to day sleep.

Keep 'em coming if you have more.

On another note, when I first tried ZMA, I woke up the next morning thinking “Wow, I forgot what it was like to sleep so well” and it worked for about a week.

Why do I not see the effects of it anymore? I dont take it everyday, but I used to take it everyother day. Now I dont take it at all, and havent used it for about 4-6 weeks, but I tried some again last night (still had some lying around), and nothing.

This seems to be a common trend with me and supplements of any kind. Its almost as if my body just adapts to them so quickly, and once it does, it will never feel the effects again. Is this normal, or is there something I can do about this to “reset” my bodies tolerance to these supplements?

[quote]ProgMtl wrote:
The combination of Z-12 & ZMA has worked wonders for me…[/quote]


I’ve been on Lunesta (kept waking up after 3 hours)…and Ambien (didn’t sleep through the night either and took forever for the fog to clear)…ZMA + Z-12 has been the best for me.

Melatonin…and of course, after 2 months on hgh, many report sleeping like a baby.

i stacked Z-12 and melatonin before. i slept like a baby except i never wanted to wake up either…

I like ZMA + Z-12. The only other thing I’ve tried is melatonin and OTC stuff like tylenol PM. Too much morning hangover with those for me. With ZMA and Z-12, I actually feel good the next day. I only take it the nights tha tI work out, but those are the most problematic for me.

last night I took 75mg of diphenhydramine around 5:30 pm on empty stomach. ate dinner 45 mins later. by 6:45 I was out cold. this might sound drastic. but I get up around 4:45 and need to be at 100 % by 6:00am.

yyeah I know its crazy to go to bed that early. but if u can afford to do it. you feel like $10000000000 in the am. yes diphenhydramine will give u a foggy head in the am , only if u don’t give yourself enough time to sleep it off. by taking it that early in the evening the effects were completely worn off by 5:00am

has anyone tried tryptophan? I’m thinkinf of buying some to experiment with

Have sex with your girl, then roll over and pass out. Works every time for me.

So I got my Biotest stuff the other day, and tried Z-12 for the first time thursday night because I had 3 test the next day.

While I think it helped to relax me, it did not put me to sleep like I expected it to, in fact, it didnt put me to sleep at all, I just felt a little more relaxed, and that was taking 3 pills.

So, I am pretty disappointed because there was so much hype behind it, and yet I buy another supplement that seems to work wonders for everyone else and does nothing for me.

I am going to try it again tonight and see what happens.