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Sleeper's Training Log


Hey all,

Figured I would start a log on here instead of just creeping in the shadows.

My lifting history:
Worked out consistently in high school reaching PR's of BP: 285lbs, SQ: 405lbs and DL: 465lbs @ 185lb body weight.
In university I worked out and maintained most of my upper body strength (beach muscles) and hit a max of 300lbs on the bench press at closer to 195lbs.
Currently sitting at 5'8", 202lbs ~15.1% bodyfat (according to calipers yesterday), with PR's of 315lb bench, 405lb squat and a 505lb deadlift. I haven't 1RM tested my OHP in a bit, but last max used for my 5/3/1 cycle was 205lbs.

I'm a bit of a program hopper, both in nutrition and in training. Usually stay on a plan for 4-8 weeks depending if it is keeping me motivated. I've done a few of Jim Stoppani's plans, I ran a cycle of 5/3/1 BBB, I did 6 weeks of CT's Layer System and have seen some great progress in both strength and size.

Just looking to continue to add mass and strength. I just started Wendler's 5/3/1 for Size, Building the Monolith so I figured I would start tracking that here.

Nutrition, I've tried Paleo, Keto, carb cycling, IIFYM, etc. My body doesn't seem to have a huge preference, as long as I'm keeping it clean and my calorie surplus/deficit is meeting my current objective.

Reach 200lbs @ ~10%bf with max lifts of 325lb bench, 435lb squat and 540lb deadlift for a 1300lb total. Timeline? I'd like to accomplish this by March 22, 2016 (my 26th birthday - approx 7 months)

I work out at home all by my lonesome. I have a power rack, bench press, universal cable machine and a few misc dumbbells. Just enough to get 'er done.

Comments, tips, and constructive criticism are all appreciated


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Ok, now that the introduction is over…lets get on to my first workout yesterday:


SQUAT: 255x5, 295x5, 335x5, 335x5, 335x5, 335x5, 335x5
PRESS: 135x5, 155x5, 165x5, 135x8
DIPS: 6sets x 10reps (chest focused)
BAND PULLAPARTS: 6sets x 10reps
CHIN UPS: 4sets x 10reps, 2sets x 8reps
Workout felt good, squats actually didn’t feel too heavy. Didn’t go to my full 100reps of each accessory movement since I was pretty wiped, and we were already late to go see a buddy of mine.
Now my favourite part about this plan…nutrition! I’ve toned it down a tad from what Wendler recommends since I don’t do well in an extreme calorie surplus so I’m trying around 3000cals/day for me for the first week or two and I can adjust after that.

4 eggs fried in butter
2 pieces WW toast
1 slice of ham
1x Banana with 1 tbsp of natural peanut butter

200g Lean Ground beef
2oz dry WW pasta
2 tbsp tomato paste
1/2 cup steamed mixed veggies

250g Lean Ground Beef
2x WW Large Tortilla Wraps
1/2 Head of romaine lettuce
1 green onion
LOTS of mustard
Hot sauce, hot peppers, cayenne pepper

Pre workout:
Pre-workout (Beta-alanine, caffeine)
Intra workout:
1 scoop whey/casein blend protein
Post workout:
1 scoop whey/casein blend protein

Nighttime snack:
1 shot Tequila (friend broke up with his GF, he twisted my arm…)
1 Coconut greek yogurt cup

Approx (according to MyFitnessPal): 2,978cal 251C/119F/239P

Pretty even split calorie-wise (close to 32C/36F/32P)…not sure if this is fine or not? I feel good, have lots of energy, I’m not hungry, and am getting >1g Protein/lb body weight…so I assume I’m good to continue this way?



10 x 40yard sprints
-> In the middle of the sprint there is a 10yard hill @ 45 degrees where my tile bed is.
3 x 80yard walks with a homemade slosh pipe (~40lbs)

Nutrition was 90% the same today other than I had a bagel at Tim Hortons and Talapia and house salad for dinner.

Totals 2,789cals 243C 115F 212P

Looking forward to deadlifts/bench tomorrow.


315#x5, 360#/5, 405#/5, 405#/5, 405#/5

185#/5 (this set felt wayyy too heavy), 225#/5, 245#/5, 245#/5, 245#/5, 245#/5, 245#/5

Superset Curls with one arm rows:

First set of bench felt extremely heavy, I was worried about the next sets but they all went up without TOO much struggle.
Deadlifts tired the @$@# out of me but got it done. Back was tight last night and this morning, stretching it out today.

Only thing I switched up today was that I had sausages on a bun with salad for dinner.
Totals 2,947cals 203C 144F 212P


Not the best day nutrition-wise. Really feeling those deadlifts today in the lower back. Not bad pain, just a lot of it, stretching and Advil are allowing me to get around.

I installed a sub drain in the front yard to get rid of some water that ponds on the side of my driveway during heavy rains, so digging was my exercise for the day.

This is the wife’s birthday weekend so put down several beer which added some empty calories for today.

Totals 3,192cal 228C 90F 155P

A little low on the protein today.



Today I had a late start due to the shenanigans from last night, but managed to finish up installing the sub drain for the house.
Tonight we were hosting a dinner/drinks so I slipped in a quick workout, which was cut short once people began arriving.

155x20 <— I was actually surprised with myself that this wasn’t more difficult. (however I skipped my set of 90% because my back is still tight AF from deads…didn’t realize how big the shock was going to be after not deadlifting for about a month and a half.)

125x5 --> 10 sets of this. By the last couple sets these were becoming quite difficult.


All this was accomplished in 22minutes. Tomorrow I’ll throw in the shrugs and weighted chins.

I really need to dial it back in this week for nutrition, busy weekend filled with unhealthy eating/drinking/excuses.

Totals 4,065cals 355C 95F 166P



Finished up my missed assistance exercises from yesterday.

225lb BB x 10reps (10sets for 100total reps)

5x35lb db
5x35lb db
5x35lb db
5x20lb db
5x20lb db

Today was a little lower carbs since I was high carb yesterday.
Putting on the pounds, lets hope at least some of it is muscle!

Totals 2,594cal 114C 130F 198P



Workout felt good, back is finally loosening up just in time for Wednesday’s deadlifts again! Might slap a belt on this week so I’m not paying for it the next few days. Need to acclimatize myself to deads again after a long break.



70 total (10,10,10,10,8,8,8,6)

70 total b.w

Band pull aparts:
70 total

Poor planning on my part for the day, ended up being out of town for work. The only food available in the town I was in was a chip truck and a small corner store that had some groceries. So for lunch I bought a bunch of sliced turkey, bag of carrots, and a couple bananas.
So I was low on calories for the day but I did hit my 200g protein. Today I’ll try to keep the calories up.

Totals 2,145cal 170C 78F 209P



Today I did some weed eating around the property and unloaded a half yard of 3/4" clear stone in my back yard. That was my cardio for the day.
Totals 2,523cal 234C 100F 175P
Wasn’t able to hit the cals/protein today, but being that it wasn’t a training day I might be able to get away with it.

I was really pissed off with my deadlift today. Back has been a little tender all week from LAST week’s deadlifts, but second week of MONOLITH has decreased weight, so I figured I’d be ok. Right off the bat with the light set I could feel myself ‘cheating’, leaning forward, and forcing the weight up. Hips raising too fast…picture an ugly deadlift, than make it uglier…that was me today. Anyways, bench went well, so I at least made the session count.

385x5 --> did 4 touch and go reps, 5th I needed about 3-5seconds to reset and rip it up…this is when I knew I wasn’t getting another @ this weight. So I went to the door, put down my ego and dropped the weight to 225lbs in an attempt to clear up this embarrassing form. Thankfully I train alone, so it was only embarrassing to myself.
225x3 --> back felt tight so I didn’t force out the 5 reps, went and did some stretches for a couple mins before my next set.
225x5 --> finally, these reps felt a little more clean.

I’m either going to skip deadlifts next week to give my back a full two week rest or go super light on all my sets to work on my form.

315x1 --> Tied my PR, this rep was a little less forced than my last successful one. I have a video I may post of the rep for critique.

Curls (superset BB curl/db hammer curl/reverse db curl):

Rows (superset db rows/wide grip seated cable rows):

Totals 3,255cals 234C 129F 294P (Better day for nutrition, I was off work today and was able to eat what/when I wanted!)



I really need to become more strict with my diet. I am on a planned bulk which seems to make me slip up when it comes to chips/beer etc.
Tonight was another family function, where chips, dip and other munchies got the best of me. I got home, feeling like crap so I threw in a quick workout on my off day so I could not feel so damn guilty.

Fast paced no rest superset of 4 sets of 4 exercises (assistance work):

  1. Body weight calf raises x 12 reps
  2. Hanging leg raises x 12 reps
  3. Leg extensions x 10 reps @130lbs
  4. Tricep rope pulldown x 8 reps @ 90lbs

Did 1-4, 1-4, 1-4, 1-4 in about 15 minutes.

Now off to take my protein shake before bed to make my daily nutrition the following:
Totals 3,091cals 131C 160F 282P Low carb, high fat day today…

My wife just told me what we are being for our annual halloween party and it involves me being shirtless, so I may have to cut this bulk short and cut up for the next 7weeks. Resume the bulk come November, which is probably better timing anyways.

Looking at this program to possibly start a shred:

Possibly this diet plan??? but it may be too intense for me :



205x5 --> Surprisingly easy today!

95lbsx5reps x 10sets

60lbsx10reps x 10sets

BB Shrugs:
225lbsx10reps x 10sets

Today’s workout felt good. This was my last day of the Monolith this time around, but will definitely start this back up at some point.
Going to start the 10x3 for Fat loss, and “The Get Shredded Diet” (Links above) tomorrow.

Wish me luck, its time to cut! Ahh hell, I’ll post some current photos. The “after” pics above was probably about a month ago. That way I can be held accountable for this cut.



First day doing the diet, didn’t feel hungry today, and had decent energy for my workout.

375x3 --> started cheating a bit, dropped the weight
Supposed to do 10 sets but back was tightening up, so I didn’t push it. Also tried to keep my rest periods around 45s, some stretched a little longer.

Lat Pulldowns:
140lbsx3reps x 11sets --> Completed these with relative ease, ~30s rest periods, will up the weight next session.

Front squats:
260lbsx3reps x 8sets --> was supposed to do 10 sets, but again started cheating and doing half squats so I called it quits. Will keep this weight and try to pound out another set next session.

Decline bench:
225lbsx3reps x 10sets --> not much of a challenge here, after 5 sets took my rest periods down to 20-25s.

Then hit the elliptical for 10mins, doing a little HIIT to finish it off. Completed in about an hour total.

3eggs, lean ground turkey (30g), cheddar cheese (30g), 2oz baby carrots, 1/4 avocado
6oz lean ground beef, 30g lean ground turkey, 1oz spinach, balsamic vinaigrette, 1/4 avocado
6oz ground beef, 30g lean ground turkey, steamed mixed vegetables (~3/4cup), 1/4 avocado

I had 20g of BCAA’s and 10g of creatine today (taking 5g/2.5g with breakfast, 5/2.5g pre workout, 5/2.5g post workout, and 5/2.5g before bed).

Totals 1,876cals 66C 110F 170P


11mins Jump Rope

Totals 1,907cals 112C 98F 136P

Helped a buddy move a hot tub… It was my day off, leave me alone…
Totals 2,275cals 83C 90F 171P
…This included 1 full bottle of red wine. It was Football Fantasy Draft night…figured it would be better calories spent than 10beer.



Well decided to change my diet up a bit…I know…after like 3 days…

But the new article ‘How to Stay Strong When Dieting’ kind of changed my thoughts on a few things, and decided not to eliminate carbs. So going with a less drastic approach and just reducing calories and adding in some HIIT.

Back Squat:
10sets x 3reps @295lbs --> these went up pretty quickly, not too difficult

Bent over BB rows:
10sets x 4reps @175 --> was lifting from floor to get into position, was a good RDL workout as well. Next was supposed to be RDL’s but my back was already fatigued so I did weighted chins instead.

Weighted chin ups:
10sets x 3reps @BW + 35lbs

Then I went outside and did 60m sprints, walked back 60m and sprinted again. Did this about 6 times then just jogged around a bit with the dog.

Nutrition for the day:
Totals 2,783cals 209C 136F 188P


Today was supposed to be an off day, but I just couldn’t do it.
Just did a quick workout with assistance exercises to get a sweat going.

Superset: Dips (bodyweight)/DB Curls(35lb db)/Close-grip Pushups

  1. 12dips/8curls/20pushups
  2. 12/8/20
  3. 12/8/20
  4. 12/8/20

I know it wasn’t much, but made me feel like I wasn’t completely useless today!

Totals 2,402cals 237C 91F 176P

Jumping on the post workout Poptart train…I think I’m hooked.


Time to catch up on my log:

Played my first hockey game of the year, so that was my HIIT for the day.

Totals 2,437cal 249C 74F 222P

Totals 2,560cals 176C 125F 189P

Today I was in a fundraiser ball tournament. Decided not to drink with the boys to save those calories and stay on track.
BUuuuutt, it was raining and miserable to 13 tall boys went down the hatch, so my nutrition was NOT good today…and fueled by hamburgers and hot dogs.
Played 6 games and we won the tournament, so overall great day.
Totals 3,508cals (ouch) 229C 83F 128P