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I'm 17 (senior in high school), 150-155 lbs., 5' 10" or 11"...

220 lb. bench
~200 lb. deadlift (yep, that's crap)
7 reps x 120 lbs. clean + press (only can overhead press 4x though)

I do other exercises too like rowing, pullups, leg raises, situps, etc.

I do rather well in school, which means that I sometimes don't sleep till 1-3 AM... should I just not bother to train those days?


If you're too tired to lift, you shouldn't lift. Take a nap after school or go to sleep earlier. There's no reason why you should be going to sleep at 3 if you have to wake up early.

Sleep in on the weekends, go to sleep 30 minutes earlier every night and throw a few naps in every week. Then get in the weight room and don't think about anything else but getting bigger and stronger.


Vin, trust me man, it's hard to get a decent workout in (let alone function like a civil and sociable Human) when you're running on 3 or 4 hours of sleep.

If you have to lift on days that happens (which should be rare occasions, get off the Xbox kid! [joking, joking]) then definitely try to grab a 20-minute nap after school or before dinner, if you can. That'll do wonders to recharge you. Hurray for naps!!!!

I strongly recommend checking out Lowery's recent article on the subject (wow, what timing):


Why is a senior in high school going to sleep at 1-3 in the morning? Senior year (especially second semester) is easy as shit. Your gpa is mostly already set in stone at that point. I wonder how you will make in college if high school is already wiping you out. You had better give up on the idea of grad school. Either that or sell your bed.


Try ZMA, it will increase the quality of your sleep.

I personally use 1.5 g melatonin (some people do not recommend using melatonin every night) with ZMA every night and it enables me to get away with slightly less sleep.


Another thing, for the love of God, please train your deadlifts and squat. An ex-girlfriend of mine deadlifted 80 kg (176lbs) the first time she trained properly with me.



Honestly Fish oils in fairly High dose, Surge during following w/os, good food and Grow!, and sleep.

Get those in line and you should be golden.

You might try the occasional contrast shower etc as well.


Is it ok if you sleep for 4 hours
get up for 30 min to an hour, then go back to sleep for 4 hours?

I have a baby at home right now, and I fiond myself getting up alot as a father to feed her etc..

Will this have an affect on me growing?


you bench more than you deadlift. You must have some muscle imbalance. Or do you have a really short torso and the longest legs ever?


This is an interesting question, which, to my knowledge, has no definitive answer. Some nutrition protocols have you waking up in the middle of the night to chug a shake in order to keep growing. Of course, others say that you're doing more damage by interupting a normal 8 hour sleep cycle.

My opinion? Sleep is way UNDER-rated. There is simply no substitute for quality, consistent sleep. Sounds like you're in a situation where you're getting up in the middle of the night no matter what, so I wouldn't sweat it, as long as you're still getting a total of ~8 hours. Sure it may not be ideal, but you'll still progress. And why not feed yourself while you're up...



Nick Thankyou,

That question has been on my mind alot lately, so its very good to know that info. And yes lol thats a good idea ill just chug a shake down when i wake up. :slight_smile: