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here’s a problem i’m curious about. My gf has noticed that i twitch and spasm (sometimes violently like a seizure she says) when i sleep. This worries her at times. I have no history of epilepsy, and i’ve never noticed anyone else do this. It also seems to affect the muscles i have recently trained more (i.e legs spasm more after leg day). is this natural? What causes it? Is it a sign of overtraining? does anyone else experience it?

I get the same type of “epileptic” shaking in my sleep. My girlfriend was also the one who noticed it and became really concerned. I still have to find out why it’s happened but it seems to have stopped for me right now. I’ll keep lookin’ and let you know if I find anything and vice versa.

It’s normal for many people. Hell, I twitch and jerk so hard in my sleep that my girlfriend has woken up with me hitting her or accidentally choking her! Not to mention that I’ve twitched so hard that I’ve hit myself in the face with my hand! It’s normal. Really, it is. Some of us are just twitchers. Just like some who talk in their sleep!

Don’t worry too much, many of us have it. I sometimes even wake myself up with those violent ticks. Lickily the girlfriend is quite understanding. I did notice that when I took drugs while I was younger (kids!), that they got more often, and more violent.

I have dreams where I’m doing Kung Fu and this happens quite often…I too have woken up my gf doing this…

could be narcolepsy. Narcolepsy… it ain’t just about fallin asleap at the wheel anymore!

If you have used “G” or shall I say over used “G” befor the effects of “going in the hole” can also cause sleep twiching for a length of time after.

I’ve woken up with a sudden and rather violent jolt many times, especially right when drifting off to sleep. I’ve also been accused by girlfriends of being a little violent and/or noisy.

That being said, I’ve also noticed girls jerk or twitch suddenly in their sleep, so it does seem to be fairly common.

My boyfriend has the same problem. He has woken himself up many times from his own twitches. It is usually just as he is falling asleep though, like in the first 15-20 minutes, or when he is napping and in a light sleep. That is when you are most likely to have most of your dreams, and even if you cant remember them when you twitch yourself awake, chances are you were dreaming. Also he found that when he had MD6 and T2 too close to bed, it happened more often!

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