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I’ve been taking Z-12 when I’ve needed it for a month or so. Even at four, it never really knocked me out, but it does help me stay solid through the night.

Anyways, I have a little bit of a head-cold, the Z-12 is not helping, when I need sleep the most. Any suggestions? I just need to knock myself out for 8 hours solid, and not into some alcohol induced slumber.

Is there something I can mix the Z-12 with?

Looking for something more along the lines of tea/herbs/herbal-based bill, that OTC drug.


I’ve always had trouble sleeping, try calcuim manesuim 2-1 i.e 2 grams calcuim 1 gram magnesium, 2 grams c amd 50mg zinc plus some b12, works for me but I soon adapt so I try and rotate between this and lemon and valerian root supplements.
Good luck

If you have any de-caf green tea, the extra L-Theanine may help a bit, and any magnesium lying around would be a nice addition.

But aside from that, no clue. Maybe take something sugary and carby, then go to sleep when the reactive hypoglycemia hits? :slight_smile: