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Sleep Trouble

So I started a new job which I have to get up early for. My problem is I just cannot go to bed early. When I do I’m always awake all night. If I go to bed at 4am I will get a really great 8 hours.

It’s been 3 days without much sleep and my strength is taking a whooping. Anyone else ever had this problem? I’m such a night person. I really I can get used to it.

Try the recent article by Dave Barr - Hormonal optimisation through sleep.

Eventually your sleep patterns should change. I was always the same way. Then I got into a pattern of being in bed by 10 and waking up naturally at around 7.

Now I’m trying to get back to that pattern instead of going to bed at 3 and sleeping til noon. Point being, you’re body will adjust to the new hours over time. Give it a few weeks and see what happens.