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Sleep Trouble


I have a lot of trouble with sleeping. I can get to sleep within an hour usually. But then i wake up alot during the night. sometimes upward to 10-20 times. i do fall right back to sleep usually but i feel it effects my sleep. what can i do about waking up so damn much??


Biotest ZMA and MELATONIN from any drug store.


Just be careful with the ZMA. I love the stuff, but I wake up a bit more when I am taking it and others have said the same. I sleep deeper, but wake up a bit more.

Everybody is different on ZMA so give it a try but just keep in mind it might not make you sleep the whole night through.


You probably should just get checked out at a sleep clinic.


How effective is the melatonin? I know someone that tried even the undercounter melatonin and didn't notice it.

My problem with sleeping is not being able to get to sleep until really late. I take ZMA and like it because I feel really good in the morning when I get a decent amount of rest, but some nights I just can't get to sleep until like 4am.


Never tried it. Im just going by what C.Shugart recommended to others/ me at T-Nation on his blog a while back. Heres the link to what C.S. said:



What's your caffeine consumption like?


Question: Do you watch TV or sit at the computer at night? Do you have a lot of lights on?


i workout at 6;30-7;30. i eat when i get home and sit on the comp. then i call my girlfriend and head to sleep at 9. other than the computer there are no nights on, i like the dark. i rarely watch any tv at this time.


Some days 200mg with workout, but I have sleep trouble even on days with 0 caffiene.


i bought melatonin. it made me fall asleep pretty fast but i still woke up constantly


There's probably your problem. I used to have the same issue. Some of us are just more sensitive to direct light at night then others because of our genetics.

This is a God-send for information about sleep regulation:


Click on the "Clocks In Motion" image to see the animations.