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Sleep Support


Hey Everybody,

I need some sleep support and I've been looking at Biotest's Z-12 and ZMA. I thought I heard ZMA had some sleep support to it but I could be mistaken.

Anybody here on the Z-12 and if so how is it working for you? I try and get to bet about 8pm and I get up to lift at 3:30am, get to the gym at 4am. I'm afraid of waking up feeling groggy or not being able to wake up at all when I need to. I'm also trying to keep my supplement expense down and woud like to try just 1 capsule at a time but not sure if it will work (I'm 215lbs).

Any feedback would be great!


ZMA just made me have funny dreams. i guess it helped my sleep.

i myself am very close to ordering Z-12; there are many reviews saying on how people do not feel groggy or drugged when they wake up. i cant remember a time that i went to sleep and did not feel that way, drugs or not.


That's the phenibut that will do that to you, if you take too much it gives you a hangover type feeling.


I can think of at least 3 threads that had a bunch of replies about this very subject within the last 6 months. Seek and you shall find.

In case you're super lazy: Z-12 works well, ZMA also works well.