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Sleep Study Mentioned in Your Interview


Hey Jim, listened to your interview a little while back you mentioned this study on the importance of sleep, I think I found the link thought I'd share it: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3119836/


Thank you!

Here’s a short description of the results. It is pretty damn cool but something we all kind of know. But rarely make a priority.

“Total objective nightly sleep time increased during sleep extension compared to baseline by 110.9 ± 79.7 min (P < 0.001). Subjects demonstrated a faster timed sprint following sleep extension (16.2 ± 0.61 sec at baseline vs. 15.5 ± 0.54 sec at end of sleep extension, P < 0.001). Shooting accuracy improved, with free throw percentage increasing by 9% and 3-point field goal percentage increasing by 9.2% (P < 0.001). Mean PVT reaction time and Epworth Sleepiness Scale scores decreased following sleep extension (P < 0.01). POMS scores improved with increased vigor and decreased fatigue subscales (P < 0.001). Subjects also reported improved overall ratings of physical and mental well-being during practices and games.”


Thanks for your reply Jim.

My experiences in training is little, but I must say I applaud you and others for highlighting the significance of sleep to others.

I say this because I have found that sleep appears to affect every detail of training and life, and also it’s not often mentioned is its effects on one’s appetite.

And thanks for also mentioning “The Fermata”, that author has a way with his words…