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Sleep Stack (Specifically for Sleep Quality)

Hey guys,

My client is looking to optimise her sleep quality, especially when work demands mean 6 hours sleeps. She and I have covered all things like environmental (blacking out windows, reducing blue light exposure, room temperature etc) and adjusted her food accordingly.

My initial thought is simply ZMA and 5- HTP to start with. I have had good experience myself using that combo. Im aware the pharmacology can be intricate on this subject. (Client is in her mid 30’s, natty and travels for work often.)

Supplement stacks that you have found worked and dosages?

Magnesium Glycinate & Collagen helps relaxing before bed, however you can’t optimise a consistent 6 hours sleep, it will eventually have it’s toll. Matthew Walker is a phenomenal resource to dig in deeper.

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Never used it but a lot of folks here recommend Glycine.

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I’ve battled with sleep quality my while life. My current sleep stack is zma, z12, glycine and inositol about 45 min before bed.

I have sleep issues and nothing worked for me as far as supplements. I have used glycine in the past and taking 15 g seemed to put me to sleep somehow but I still had issues, not to mention it tasted awful.

Zma, 5-htp, none of them did anything, but I have more anxiety related problems to sleep. Ultimately, I’ve had to get on meds. Currently talking Lorazepam, 2.5-5 mg prior to sleep. It puts me to sleep but it doesn’t work anyway if I’m very anxious or worried about something. I’ll probably have to talk to my doctor and have her get me on another med because I feel this is getting less effective as time goes on.

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You take z-12 everyday?

I do.

You think glycine tastes awful? It tastes sweet. In my opinion it’s one of the better tasting supplements as far as bad tasting supplements go.

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I recently bought my wife a weighted blanket; at first she looked at me like I was crazy but now she uses it every night and swears by it. Knocks her right out.


Phenibut should not be taken everyday, 2-3x a week at most.

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What do you believe will happen if taken daily? Also, I do not see any phenibut in z12. I see 4 amino 3 phenylbutric acid hcl. Is that what you’re referring to?

Yes, tolerance builds quickly. Withdrawal can occur at higher doses.

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That is phenibut.

Using it too much can cause dependence. I have read that the withdrawals can be pretty bad. It works though I use it once a week, usually on Sunday.


Whatever happened to just plain old melatonin? Stuff will knock you out cold.

Good tips here, last couple are really strong/a once a week deal…

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I wish it did…

I just bought some ZMA will report back. Also working 90+ hour weeks on nightshift and gym 5 days a week for reference.

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It works sporadically for me…also, the dreams are fucking bizarre and disturbing.

So yeah first night feel pretty rested with zma. Took it on an empty stomach with one meg red pill (krill oil) about an hour before sleeping. Slept from 08:30 till about 14:00.

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Z12 works well for me, I take 2 an hour or so before bed.