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Sleep & Shift Work


Alright, I know to recover you need sleep. But working shift work and bouncing from a day shift to night shift every week is making it kind of difficult to set a regular pattern. So does it really matter if all the sleep happens at once or is a few hours here and a few hours there, work as well?

And for my days off I am for 11 hours or so but my working days, especially the day shift I get around 6.

I already take valerian root to help put me out, and looking at moving up to ZMA....and really even if I didnt have sleep issues, I like the dream effects of ZMA so I'd use it anyways....but really just curious if trying to get the sleep all at once or if spread out works just as well.


I work a twelve hour rotating shift and I sleep to my hearts content on my days off and get as much as I can on work days/nights. So far I haven't encountered any negatives yet. Thing is to rest when you can and try not short yourself of it when you can.


Thankx Big, wasnt sure if doing that was productrive or not, but its how I've been doing it for the past 3 years, just havent been working out untill recently so wasnt sure if that would still be ok.


Yes, it's ok, just be sure to get your rest when you can. Don't cheat yourself out of any.