Sleep Requirements

I did some experimenting on myself these past couple weeks to determine what amount of sleep I operate best on. My diet, training, and supplementation all remained constant so I could make sure this experiment was accurate. I went to bed at about the same time (11 pm -12 am). Here’s what I discovered:

When I had 10 hrs of sleep I usually went to bed at 11pm and felt groggy throughout the morning and very tired in the late afternoon. Workouts were semi-intense and I was able to maintain strength pretty well for 60 minutes.

When I had 9 hrs of sleep I usually went to bed at 12am and still felt groggy in the morning. Sometimes I dragged in the afternoon and other times not. Workouts were about the same as 10 hrs.

When I got 8 hrs. of sleep I usually went to bed at 11pm or 12am and I had more energy than 9 or 10 hrs of sleep in the morning. Workouts were intense in the first half and dragged in the second half.

With 7 hrs. of sleep I usually went to bed at 12 am and had great energy in the day. Workouts were same as 8 hrs. with dragging in the latter 30 minutes of the hour workout. Didn’t feel tired until 2 hrs. post-workout.

Other things about this experiment are that I worked out at the same time each day and I took 1 serving of PowerDrive and 1 cap of MD6 before every workout. So my question is basically, why I operate better on 7-8 hrs. rather than 9-10 hrs. of sleep? Also, who else operates better on less sleep? I think I remember Arnold saying he averaged about 4-5 hrs. and did fine. I know why my workouts are dragging -> low T levels. I'm getting that taken care of pronto. Thanks for the help.

perhaps, just perhaps, your body and mind are so use to getting 7 hours of sleep that you have adapted to working well on that amount of sleep. I would be interested in what would happen if you got 9 hours of sleep for lets say 3+ weeks in a row.

I would bet my last dollar that if you went to sleep at 10pm and slept for 10 hrs till 8am instead of going to bed at 12 midnight and sleeping for 8 hrs till 8am that you would feel and recover a lot better. i’ve always found that the more hours you sleep before midnight the better you feel the next day.

Basically you sleep in cycles that last approximately 88min (1 1/2 hrs) with a peak of alertness at each end an a valley in the middle (REM sleep). The optimal way to sleep is to plan you sleeping so that you are gettin multiples of 1.5 hrs. For example, if you have a really late night and still have to get up early, opt for 4.5 hr. over 5. The reason for this is that if you waken in the middle of a cycle you didn’t get a full cycle, and your dreams were disturbed, both of which throw off your biorhythms, and essentially make you a zombie for most of the day. So if you say you function well on 7 hours, try bumping it up to 7.5 Lastly, try to go to bed at the same time, so you body can adjust properly. If you do get your requisite amount of sleep, but go to bed a varying times, its just as bad as not getting enough sleep.

I learned in school what slayer mentioned. I’ve tried it, but it didn’t work too well, mainly because you have no control over when you will actually fall asleep. you can set the clock, but what if you fall asleep half hour later? It’s all done.

Hey, anyone see that Seinfeld episode where Kramer is sleeping in 15 minute intervals to take advantage of some sleep cycle? Funny as hell.