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Sleep quality

I was reading the previous post on sleeping and it appeared as if the supplements mentioned only helped to induce sleep. What about actually increasing the quality of sleep. For example, getting 6 hours of sleep after taking something, but physiologically and psychologically it was equivalent to 8 hours. Does melatonin do this? What other supplements could possibly do the same thing?

I have actually felt the effect of having a refreshing sleep on about 6 hours when taking ZMASS PM, and the Recovery formula from Metaform. usually I’ll sleep 8 hours, and be kinda groggy, but when I’ve taken these on an empty stomach, I’ve felt great after only 6 hours. It could be pyschological, but I don’t think so. I did notice that when I eliminated carbs at night, I could sleep much less and have a better sleep.

Brooklyn Mike, how long were you on the ZMASS b4 you noticed the difference? 1 week? 1 month? Thanks.