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sleep promotes recovery

Does anyone else suffer from the specific problem of doing savage training for an important event, needing a large amount of rest to be able to do the same again tomorrow and THEN discover that Testosterone.net has once again kept you up to 2am because you just cant get enough of the QUALITY information thats on the site!! I mean, thanks eternally guys for the wealth of information on offer, but I mean, YOURE RUINING MY TRAINING SCHEDULE!!

LOL, i do,luckily i wake up at eleven, unfortunetly this is changing for a week or so. But i know what you mean, i’ve read most of the articles in the damn site and i check the forum 100 000 times a day. Can’t have enough of this…

Yeah, I tend to wait on the update on Friday (hitting reload a dozen times) then sit there and read the whole freaking thing in one sitting, every article, reader mail, Atomic Dog, etc. The rest of the week I check out the forum at least once or twice a day, more if I’m actively involved in a discussion. Problem with me is every week I want to try a new workout posted when I haven’t finished the one I started the week before! Info overload! (But I like it!) And after reading each issue I feel like training, only it’s late and I’ve already trained that day!