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sleep problems

Hey guys, as of late (I just started a bulking phase-about 600-650g carbs/day) I am running into the problem of falling asleep at night. I don’t consume any carbs after 7 p.m. Right after I take my bedtime shake (50 g caseinate w/ 15g of flax) I lie down @ 10 p.m. it takes about 45 minutes for me to fall asleep. As we all know, sleep is imperative for muscular growth and that is my main objective since I’m bulking, what type of sleep aids would you guys recommend?

Melatonin works great with no side effects, except you’ll dream more, which is a good sign. (More REM sleep.) ZMA helps too.

Try to get to bed and wake up at the same time every night. Thats right; no staying out late on the weekends! Another thing that helps is to do something relaxing before going to bed, like reading. Trying to fall asleep when I’m wired is next to impossible.

I am not so sure about the use of melatonin really. If you are young you should be producing enough on your own. I am sure that I read that taking an excess can lead to lowered leutinizing hormone levels; it makes me feel shitty for an hour in the morning too. Zinc and magnesium, yes, and perhaps 5-HTP, although again, unless you have low serotonin this would perhaps be detrimental. You may try some relaxing herbs. Anyway, 45 mins is not really THAT bad…it CAN take some time to wind down from the days activities and stresses. I have had times where it has taken me hours and HOURS before I could get to sleep, and even then I had to eat a load of carbs to increase my serotonin and get drowsy (and this was AFTER ZMA and 5-HTP had kicked in and not had much effect!).

I have been taking melatonin for over 4 years now, and I love it. No side affects for me. The non time-release version may work best if you feel sleepy in the morning. Valerian seems to work pretty well also, but it smells bad. :slight_smile:

Sex helps, too…see’s the stares…(and I respond in my best possible whiny voice)…well, it does! But are there not natural ways of inducing melatonin? Doesn’t anyone ever have just a glass of warm milk anymore? Okay,I also get into bed at least 20-minutes before shut-eye time. Just to relax and do some light reading - and I turn on Nightline, keep the volume low - and voila - ZZZZZZZ. That’s probably all you need - to relax. You’ve got all those carbs running through your system and have just begun a new training regimen. You’re body is just trying to adapt. chill.

I like one Benadryl tab and 9mg melatonin about an hour before bed. Good luck, outlaw.

Um well how bout not not consuming anything right before bed? Take it an hour earlier. If it’s taking you 45 min. to fall asleep then simply drink it 45 min. before trying to sleep. I have the same problem, if I eat or drink anything more than a glass of milk right before bed I can’t fall asleep for an hour or so. Milk has a lot of tryptophan in it, an amino acid that stimulates the hormones which knock you the fuck out. You could try that, too.

45 minutes to fall asleep really isnt all that bad bro.