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Sleep Problem


Not sleeping very well. any advice on something to help.


Too cryptic.

Have you just started having trouble? If not, how long?

What's your exercise routine -- daily, EOD, etc. Cardio load?

Do you drink coffee or tea every day? If so, how much? Do you eat before bedtime?

Any big life changes recently? Things going well at home or work?

Take any supplements? Hooked on Spike? Ever take ZMA?

More details, please.


Yeah, hard to tell with no details. One little trick, start lowering the light levels, slowly, before it's time to go to sleep.


Take ZMA as directed on the label, seems to help sleep. I also use Sleep Wizard by drdavesbest - it has GABA, so you have wild dreams, but it is pricey. Cheaper is SleepMD, from drugstores or Walmart.