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Sleep Paralysis


Didn't really know where to post this but I have had sleep paralysis (i know I'm awake but I literally can't move or open my eyes. I can breath but only through my nose) a lot lately and I don't know what to do about it. I don't have any sleep disorders at least that I have been diagnosed with. I used to get it once in awhile when I was younger (like 10ish) but I have be getting it on a regular basis for the past couple months now. It scares the shit out of me. Sometimes when this happens I can barely even breath out of my nose. Usually I can calm myself down and make myself wake up but sometimes that doesn't work. Idk basically what I want to know is has had this before and what they did to combat it. Idk if I should just go to a doctor or what. Thanks for the help.


I've never had it frequently... only sporadically throughout my life and not common what-so-ever.

Do you wake up frequently ? Maybe you got sleep apnea or something and for some reason you don't wake up completely. shrug


Something causing you to feel like you can barely breath and/or move definitely warrants a trip to the doctor.


Does it start with a dream? I used to get this as well, but it always started with a dream that seemed real, always the same thing. I'd be in my house and go into a dark room, then when I hit the light switch to turn on the lights the lights would not go on, cue freak out. I must have just learned from it, because now when I have dreams similar to this I don't freak out anymore and thus don't wake up paralyzed and scared shitless.


Man, I used to get that all the time, ever since I was a kid. Even as young as 7 years old. I havn't had it for a while though. Ive learned to just RELAX and not panic at all and just let it run its course. Believe me when I say that when I snap out of it now, after learning just to relax and let it run its course, I feel AMAZING. Like I just slept 16 hours straight or something lol. All it is is your body's way of catching up on lost REM sleep. It happens when you're either really stressed or just have a lot on your mind. And yes, I'm a notorious thinker, even as a kid, and everybody I know that gets it also tend to think or stress a lot, too. Nuthin to worry about man.


I get this too. It usually happens when I fall asleep during the day. My breathing is usually normal. It is a little spooky though to not be able to be aware of your surroundings but unable to will yourself to move a muscle or wake up.


I usually don't wake up during the night except sometimes to piss. @beefster yea I try my best to relax and it usually works but my real concern is this morning for example I knew it was happening and I tried to relax but it was hard for me to breathe out of my nose and like I said earlier I can't open my mouth. When this happens I do panic/get panic attack until I realize what is happening then I am USUALLY able to relax and wake up. @ steven I don't really know if it starts with a dream. Usually I am dreaming when it happens but I've never really kept track. I think that I will go to the Dr. when I go home (im in college) for thanksgiving. I really wouldn't care if it wasn't for the difficulty breathing. Thanks for the replies.


this happens to me quite a lot, usually in clusters (might happen 3 or 4 times ina week then go away for a while)

ill echo what beefster said, learn to relax through it, since it can't really be controlled its better not to let it get to you. If you ever want it to end faster, try moving your big toe. Sounds stupid but it works for me lol


Hmmm this happened to me after a nightmare where I got shot. Are you sure you aren't just going into shock. I did and had to tell myself it was just a dream.


This has happened to me once only in my life so far.. and I started to freak out in my mind. I was scared shitless since I had no idea what was happening.


maybe you have been visited by some extraterrestrial energy. I tell you this because I am regularly abducted, so to speak , from ETs to create hybrid race, and sometimes I feel paralized when I am pulled inside the spacecraft, but what I mostly have to tell you is that before having memories of this happening, of this agreement that I made with my ET friends on an unconscious level long time ago..when I wasn t aware, I Was just experiencing like you..that mean.. I was having the meeting but had no memory of the factual interaction with sounds and images because I was not yet consciously aware of who I really am ..[ All that is :)]...so once again I was just feeling paralized and it was pretty scary when I woke up from that. Now no, it just happens for the moment I am pulled inside the craft and then after a little while I do not feel the paralisis anymore..you may want to try to speak when u feel paralized.. when I do I feel my voice very weak even if I try to speak very loud


bigpitcture11... this is your nick name, you have chosen it and now that I observe it, it comfirms to be a great synchronicity: you are waking up, brother.. you are choosing..the BIG picture and 11 is a very special number at this regard...

you comfirm yourself without knowing :))))
have fun, life is never been so exciting like in this period of waking up, change, transformation

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and you will be amazed on how fun they are...

I would like to tell you the story of my first abduction.. I would do eventually if you like to read.

I think the guy who come to me was kind of a body building specialist from the so called future, but as I remembered there is really no past or future. It all exists now and it is just all about perception..so we create past and future in the now... but actually all the moments are present in the the very now and we can pick up the one we prefer ...like you know when a director uses the strobe on a film to let us see certain pieces of it, but in the motion picture there is actually everything in the same moment... the same thing is about past and future.. this I remembered waking up spiritually


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