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Sleep, Metabolic Rate and Carbs in the afternoon

I have a question for everyone, and I’d appreciate some insight. If you review Berardi’s recommendations for Massive Eating, he describes the Taper Method as being better for fat loss. My question is, why? What is wrong with carbs in the afternoon or late at night? Why would circulating blood glucose and insulin in the latter part of the day negatively impact fat loss? I’ve heard many times that the body preferentially stores fat at night, but why is this? Is there a change in insulin sensitivity in adipose cells? Is the sleeping metabolic rate slower than resting metabolic rate? Any explanations, preferably with theory on the cellular level or scientific proof(a study?) would be very appreciated! Thank you!

Well I don’t have any scientific explanation, but I’m pretty sure Insulin sensitivity decreases in the latter part of the day. You also burn calories at night, so it is likely that if you don’t have any carbs in your stomach at night then you will burn more fat. I’m really just guessing though.

The body cannot burn fat in the presense of insulin. The purpose of eating all carbs in the first 6 hours of the day is to keep the body essentially insulin free for 15+ hours a day. Berardi has mimmiced low-carb diets with his approach, without taking carbs completely out of the picture.