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Sleep Issues while on TRT?

That’s not good news. I may have to think about dropping it all together if I can’t get it fixed.

I know for sure it’s not low blood sugar… But yes it might be cortisol. Did 4 point saliva and 24h urine couple of times and saliva shows 4 lows while 24h urine shows very high cortisol (twice the ref. range). My idiot endocrine is clueless on why would that be…
All i know is i’ve had zero sleep issues prior to TRT.

That is what i am also thinking… sadly.
But before i do , i will add HCG to my protocol to see if it does help or make things worse… It’s my last resort… For some last resort is stuff like seroquel which i don’t wanna touch.

I’ve had sleeping problems for YEARS.
Worst was between 30 and 37 years old for me.
I was never a deep sleeper, especially after working out. But then one day I just stopped sleeping through the night- same as you, going to bed at 10, waking up at 2:30am every single night.

Some people say that it is normal, but I can testify that after a short time living like that it becomes hell and completely fucked up my life. I couldn’t even exercise.

I researched like crazy for those years, and I saw dozens of doctors. I got diagnosed with sleep apnea (even though I was a skinny dude) and slept with a CPAP since I was 32 or 33.

I slept way better but it didn’t completely solve the problem. I had a consultation with a really good doctor who told me that apparently you can have more than one sleep issue at a time. For example, you could have narcolepsy, as well as sleep apnea, at the same time. Lucky, huh?

Anyway, loooong story short, it turns out I also had restless legs syndrome as well as sleep apnea. So I take meds for that, and sleep with a machine for the other. But that didn’t come until later. I had to struggle for a few more years before I got sorted.

The first advice I can give you;

  • Don’t give up, and don’t write anything off.
  • If you try something, stick with it for at least 3 months before moving on to something else.
  • Make a list of things you think could be causing the problem. (Ex. endocrine problems, airway, diet, neurological, mood…etc)
  • Keep a diary, or a list of things you’ve tried so you don’t end up going in circles.

Oh- I am on TRT as well. I thought that it would have made me sleep, and my levels were low, so I went on at 34. Didn’t help (for me).

Hope that helps!
Feel free to ask me anything!

Wow this thread really hits home!

I have always been a pretty deep sleeper. We have a fan going in our room to drown out any passing cars and it’s always been fine. A few crappy nights every now and then but overall pretty good.

I bumped up from 100mg to140mg per week E3.5D about 3-4 weeks ago. Not sure it’s a coincidence but my sleep has been weird since.

Wake up at 2am. Then half asleep after that. Almost trippy sometimes! Like I’m in a dream but I’m in my room and weird shit is happening then I wake up and it’s back to normal. Or sometimes the dreams are straight out of a sci-fi movie.

My brain goes on overdrive and my thoughts go bonkers! Like random nonsensical thoughts and I can’t shut it down. Really weird. Nothing bad or negative, just randomness.

Hoping my brain get used to the T and chills out!

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That was my experience on higher doses. Whether it’s E2, higher T or both, sleep suffered.

Once dropping dose, sleep returned.

I’m thinking of dropping my dose from .3 E3D to .2 E3D to see if that helps.

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Taking 5HTP or DHEA?

Does that help or hurt things? I took 5-HTP a bunch of years ago but don’t remember sleep interruptions.

Apparently those two compounds can cause lucid dreaming

On the topic of sleep, I recently used a .5" insulin syringe shallow IM for the first time (I prefer 1" regular syringes but I can’t find them anywhere) and I shit you not my sleep patterns changed immediately. Same dose, same muscle, same spot, just shallow. Fucking waking up with wild ass sheet soaking sweaty dreams at 5am every morning since (3 thus far).

Not debilitating or anything, just weird. I thought I may have fucked up the the dose, as the insulin is rated in units, but I rechecked my syringes and they are 1cc u-100 with the same gradations.

My wife calls them period dreams… Hormones are weird.