Sleep Issues while on TRT?

I’m on .3 E3D, IM in delts for 4 weeks after previously being SubQ. That was a good switch I believe but still monitoring toward the standard 6 week mark. I say all that to say I am having terrible sleep patterns. I crash really hard most nights so it’s not insomnia. I wake up almost always anywhere between 1 and 4 AM. That’s not the worst part. I feel as though my brain doesn’t shut off and I’m grinding the hell out of my teeth…like I’m sleeping but I’m not. and when I’m not I’ve seen to it picked up some sleep apnea symptoms where I wake up and I’m gasping for air. I’m not over weight or anything like that. No idea if this is TRT related but sure seems like it. Anyone else had experiences like this?

Same issues.

Fall asleep, but then boom! Waking at like 2 or 3am.

It’s slowly getting better. You likely just need to acclimate to trt longer.

This is so me , only difference is this happens to me after 5am.
14th month on TRT and only the first few weeks i didn’t have this. I tried many doses from 82,5mg to 150mg… Daily , MWF , twice a week… Little to no difference.

I came to a conclusion that this is either a cortisol issue or it’s some other undiscovered stuff that occurs in some people within the endocrine system when on TRT… I haven’t seen a single person fixed this issue you’ve described on TRT… No the magnesium glycinate you take before bed or the melatonin won’t work…

The only thing that could put me back to sleep from that “half asleep state” was the Unisom i took before bed… Which i can’t take forever. Or you can’t either.

3 AM is the “Witching hour”. Almost everyone has a Circadian Rhythm thing at 2-3 AM and 2-3PM. When I worked nights. the new guys would be face down around 3 AM. Most guys have get their best lifts at around 3PM. Shift work and some other things screw with it. I doubt there’s much you are going to do about it., honestly.

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I had similar sleep issues on TRT when injecting weekly, twice weekly, but not EOD and daily.

My experience has been the same as @systemlord (WOW!). If I inject any less than EOD my sleep suffers.

I can’t recall. Did you also have low SHBG? @dbossa

Well this isn’t a good sign. Going to my doc today. 1, going to get a couple Xanax to give my brain a break and explore my options. I won’t do EOD. Just not sustainable for me. At most I’ll do E2D but I’m not there since I haven’t hit 6 weeks of E3D.

Sits around 18-20 anytime I’ve measured it.

EOD (every other day) and E2D (every 2 days) is the same thing.

Stick it out for another 2-3 weeks of E3D and see. Only go more frequent if you’re not feeling stable throughout the week.

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I sleep with a sound machine on, and I fall asleep and stay that way all night. If its quiet in the room, I become a light sleeper. Have you tried turning on a fan or using white noise?

I always have a fan on.


Yeah I’m a ding dong, obviously that is EOD.

We do have a fan going and I agree it can’t be silent. I’ve tried melatonin. My doc just gave me a prescription for Temazepam today. I have to give my brain a break and get some sleep. He said this will help with that as it is like Xanax but is slow released and will prolong through the night. This is not a perm resolution but I hope to at least get a break for a few days and maybe reset my sleep cycle a bit. Maybe it works and maybe it doesn’t. Worse case I give my subconscious a break for a night

Do you drink or smoke? Wacky tabacky too?

I drink and from time to time I’ll partake in an edible

Okay you sound like you loosen up from time to time. Do you notice any sleep pattern differences if you have a 2 beer night? Edibles can be long lasting, so sleep can be affected by it

I haven’t had an edible in a couple months. I like Bourbon so I may have 1-2 of those a week. Neat. I notice a difference if I don’t drink really

HCT could be affecting your sleep a bit. Up your water intake during the day. Helps plasma become less viscous and could make a difference in sleep. Hope simple a simple solution is all it takes

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