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Sleep Issues on TRT vs Cortisol Levels Because of Pandemic

I’ve been having some sleep issues for months, but as I really thought about it I started TRT right about the start of the pandemic. I’ve read the posts about sleep and trt and managing doses, but I’ve got to be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever had more external stress in my life. I live in a very hard hit state, have high level essential job where people are dying around me and I am being questioned, managing a family home on quarantine, a wife that is losing her mind home with kids while I’m at work resulting in me taking the house back over when I get home. My only down time is in my basement the few hours I’m working out a week. So this is more of a rant than a question. How would our sleep be if we weren’t living in a world wide pandemic. How much better would our gains be with access to gyms, and less external stress? Hard for me to really judge any of this because our environment has changed. I haven’t been on TRT as long as most but it’s hard for me to judge the pros and cons in 2020.

Imagine going through it all and NOT being on TRT.

TRT has given me the best sleep ever. I ran 330mg/wk for 4 weeks and my sleep got better. Im back down to 220mg/wk and sleep has remained great.

This is really an impossible argument for anyone to make.

For nearly everyone obviously TRT will benefit you in almost all categories of life.