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Sleep Issues on Training Days

Not really. Work schedule makes it difficult. I can reduce my home time before workout. That should help.

Agree the caffeine is not the whole issue. I do keep it pretty cold at night. I live in Minnesota, so similar weather to Canada. We just got 20 inches of snow mid April, so the frozen tundra exists outside of Canada too!

Lift in the morning or by noon as opposed to at night (if that’s what you do).

I might not be the caffeine. I had the same issue and didn’t use caffeine pre-training. I’ve switched to morning lifting and sleep great now.

I’ll move the workouts on weekends to morning. During the weekdays I have to stick to night. I will try to get to the gym earlier though.

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I found squatting and deadlifting affected me the most, fwiw.

Especially squatting for me. Everyone always says deadlifts are more taxing, but I feel more sore and tired from squatting.

Maybe it’s because my squat is catching up to the deadlift (only 45 lbs behind).

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I had the same thing going on when I worked out at night regardless of the stimulants, Try some vitamin c post work with a lot of carbs to drive your cortisol level down. Also cold showers, for some reason if I take a cold shower, or get in a cold tub it really helps me get out of that hyped up, working out mentality

I’ll give those things a try. I do think it is a combination of things. I believe my hype from cortisol is part of it. If I feel like I have a runner’s high after working out, it almost always means hard to fall asleep.

if not caffeine, nervous system might be amped up.
My no 1 go to is watch a comedy with post workout meal after heaviest sessions. Total bro-science but I feel a good laugh resets me neurologically and really helps with recovery.

Also warm down by doing something like elliptical for 3-10 mins, super low resistance level.
Good tip here as well…