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Sleep Issues on Training Days

Hi All,

Looking for your opinions / suggestions on falling asleep and staying asleep after training.

I don’t have issues sleeping on non-training days, so I don’t think the “don’t use electronics” before bed is applicable.

I have recently cut back on caffeine, but do take a pre-workout with 135 mg caffeine in it on workout days. Maybe I should try to workout without the preworkout :frowning:

It seems like very heavy work, or high volume seem to have the largest impact.

Anyways, please let me know what has worked for you. It just seems like my mind is racing when it is time for sleep.

These things can be cumulative. So you may be okay with X on its own but X and Y together and no sleepo for you.

But it’s most likely the hit of caffeine - try that first for a few weeks.

I’ll try a half scoop which is only 67.5 mg caffeine. The 135 mg was a reduction from around 200 mg.

Also, I’ll try avoiding electronics by moving my shower right before bed.

I’ve added zma everyday. I have taken Benadryl on training days, but I don’t like doing that every training day.

Just get rid of it for 2 weeks you junkie :stuck_out_tongue:

Pre-workouts = money making opportunity for supplement companies. Have a cup of coffee about an hour before training.

The other thing that affects sleep is too much stress during a workout. An excess of stress will release adrenaline which will kill your sleep.

What time do you workout? Cause anytime I work out past 2-3pm I have trouble going falling/staying asleep. I 100% blame the caffeine for this.

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Why don’t you try a better for you sleep supplement? Z-12 on this site works and isn’t habit forming. There are also a few other really good ones out there.
Or take a non stim pre workout
Or both

Just get rid of it for 2 weeks you junkie :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll try to taper down. The idea of going without anything kills my soul. You are probably correct.

I usually workout 6-8 pm. I go to bed at 10. You are probably right about the caffeine. I’ll try to taper off of it.

What exactly is Z-12? I have been taking the ON brand ZMA.

You can take z 12 with zma . It’s a supplement that is specifically for sleep. There are a lot of them out there. Also something called hypnos which you can Google since I wouldn’t be able to link it here. It’s a powder that you drink 30 min before bed . Knocks me the hell out , I love it.

Yeah man, I would say the caffeine is playing a role if you are working out that late.

I’ll have to check those products out. I have also heard a good reviews for time released melatonin (but I try to stay away from things that knock me out).

I have the training down, just need the recovery to be on point, and not falling asleep completely negates the training.

I too sometimes have sleep issues when training in this range or later.

I don’t take caffeine pre-workout though. I think in my case its more just I need more time for my body to “slow down” and for the tension from training to subside. I usually hit the gym around 5 or earlier if I can.

I would say (as others already have) cut out the caffeine. It probably doesn’t make as big a difference as you think. Also maybe try training earlier if your schedule allows.

Another trick I use is making sure my bedroom is nice and cool before I go to bed. I live on the Canadian Prairies where it is quite cold a lot of the year so its easy for me to crack the window 15-30 minutes before bed. I fall asleep pretty quick in a cool room.

Agree. I think it is cumulative, so maybe with going off of caffeine, I’ll be able to sleep better. I do think adrenalin from working out has something to do with it too.

Melatonin supplement as long as it doesn’t make you too groggy the next day

It’s not uncommon for people who exercise, play a sport, or do something physically strenuous to have a hard time sleeping that soon after the event. Can you work out in the AM? I think your sleep troubles would go away if you did, and you likely wouldn’t need to cut out your beloved preworkout.

The caffeine is probably the main factor, you are taking caffeine 4-5 hours before going to bed. I go to bed around 10 during the week and if I have any caffeine past 3pm I have trouble getting to sleep. This is what Wikipedia says:

Caffeine’s biological half-life – the time required for the body to eliminate one-half of a dose – varies widely among individuals according to factors such as pregnancy, other drugs, liver enzyme function level (needed for caffeine metabolism) and age. In healthy adults, caffeine’s half-life is between 3–7 hours.

135 mg is not a heavy dose.

Try taking your pre workout an hour before your workout

Yeah, the half life having such a large range makes it hard to use, but it does definitely suggest that if taking it at 5 pm I will surly have some at bedtime.

Knowing stress is cumulative and the body treats caffeine like stress hormones, it is logical to reduce caffeine.