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Sleep Issues and Meal Timing


I know getting quality sleep/rest is important for recovery, but what's really important? The amount of hours of sleep or the timing?

Because it's summer and I have nothing much to do really, I sleep real late like 3 or 4am sometimes. I still get about 5-6 hours to sleep which is not bad in my opinion.

My problem though is, my meal timing. My breakfast typically falls around 11 or sometimes 1pm and my last meal would be at 11pm.

I also usually go to the gym around 4-5pm so I still get it done.

Thoughts? Is this gonna be a problem in the long run? Anyone else having sleeping issues?


Ronnie Coleman sleeps three times a day no more than three hours at a time. Just get enough sleep and you’ll be fine. If you are waking up tired you’re doing something wrong.


If your up until 3 or 4 AM than your last serving of protein shouldn’t be at 11 PM.