Sleep if you can?

I have heard numerous times that gear can make you lazy. I personally have found this to be true. Except when it comes to the weightroom/bedroom. I still manage to get my work done so it’s not that big an issue. Here’s my question. Fortunately I can get about 8-10 hrs a sleep every night. Plus usually I can take a 1-2 hr nap ed. I’m just wondering is there anything wrong with say waking up after 10 hrs of sleep (wake up after 5 to piss/drink a shake), eat breakfast take a 1-2 hr nap eat again, then maybe take another 1-2 hr nap 4-5 meals later before I lift?

well… you would be sleeping about 14-16 hours/day which is basically moronic.

Hey Squatty I’d lick a dog’s ass if it meant another 10 lbs of muscle. BTW nice to hear from you.

Waterbury I believed recommends during mass phase sleeping no more than 8 hours straight so you can get meals in and then adding a 2-3 hour nap at some point during the day. I think it was in the Quattro Dynamo article.

Hahaha… just thought i would let you know how absurd it is that you actually have that much time to sleep.

more sleeping means less eating…



Is this sound, restful sleep you’re getting?

I can’t imagine sleeping 14-16 hours on a continual basis.

Everyone has different needs, but anything over 12hrs/day probably isn’t doing you much good - rather see you out and about, licking dog’s asses and whatnot.

I should add that sometimes sleeping too much will make you more sleepy. Try cutting back to 10 hours a day for a couple days and see how you feel.

To be honest it’s not like I’m particularly soo tired I have to sleep. I was just wondering if (since lately I’ve had the chance) to just lounge around gourge myself with protein/ carbs, bang, nap, and read it might benefit me to take an extra nap a day.

Well you may have accumulated a huge sleep deficit which you are working your way though. Usually takes about a month to catch up.

If you’re really interested in sleep check out the Sleep articles back in issues 282/283.

8 to 10 hrs a day, if it’s 10 hrs it usually is 8 at night and 2 hrs nap, depending on time restrictions.