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Sleep, How Many Hours?


How many hours of sleep to most of you get on a typical training day??

Im asking because i want to try and get a half hour fasted morning walk in before work but i start work at 7.30am and currently wake up around 6.20am so sort the dog out and make food! A normal night bedtime is around 10.30pm

If i woke up half an hour earlier, say 5.45am, do you think it would be too much to then go to bed at 10.30pm?


Sleep is individual to every person, asking how many hours of sleep I get is really irrelevant to YOUR personal needs.

There is great research showing a very small subset of the population only need about 3 hours a night to function OPTIMALLY. How great would that be?

In general, a person needs about 8 hours to function optimally, but many can get away from 6 hours. You will have to experiment for yourself and see if waking up 30 minutes earlier than normal effects you in any profound way.

Keep a log on a scale of 0-5 of how restful you thought your sleep was. If you wake up extremely groggy, cant function throughout the day, and feel like hell by 2pm give yourself a 0. If you have energy to spare throughout the day give yourself a 5. Take note of these numbers, how many hours of sleep you got, and also be aware of other factors that may influence it (getting up in the middle of the nights, stress, etc...) This isnt exactly "scientific" but you cannot adjust what you do not measure.

In a few weeks time you should begin to find patterns that lead to optimal sleep and performance throughout the day for your unique situation.


Lately 330-400 am - up around noon....I feel so lazy


Lonnie is right. It varies from person to person, but you will know if you're not getting enough sleep to sustain your workouts and get maximal results. Personally, I need a minimum of 7 hours or my workouts and recovery start to suffer.


Also depends how old you are.

I function fine on 6 hours as long as I get 7+ 3 nights per week. One night of extra sleep during the work week works well for me as far as gym intensity goes. But I dont do anything physically demanding during the day except lift weights.

A couple of years ago I couldnt do a damn thing unless I got 8 hours.


If I don't set my alarm I don't think I wake up for 10 hours usually haha, but with work I'm only getting around 5-6 and I feel it. I'm sure a solid 9 would be ideal for me but in the mean time 5-6 solid, with a few (3 usually) 30-40min naps scattered through out the day.


This gives you seven hours which should be plenty. I really don't see how an extra hour of sleep makes that big of deal. You can get the extra hour on your off-days from the gym.

I have to say on days I get over 8 hrs I am more tired than on the days I don't, but it doesn't translate into a bad workout once I get moving.


I sleep from about 1 to 530 in the morning and I'm fine running on that.

As long as soreness isn't prolonged and you are falling asleep at the wheel you don't need 8 hours.

Don't matt kroc and ron coleman both sleep like 5 hours or something?


damn i feel like a lazy ass, i generally NEED like 8.5 to 9 hours otherwise I'm weaving between lanes during rush hour. That said, I've consistently been on about 6-7 hours in the past and my workouts haven't suffered. I just need to fall into a routine and my body adjusts accordingly.


I need 8-9 as well. I feel like I can maintain my strength on less, but to really get in the gym and crush it and make progress I need more.


Heavy androgen use will make it difficult to sleep for some people.

I know people that experience a noticeable change in sleep patterns at the beginning of a steroid cycle. For some it straightens out, others it persists. Dose dependent as well. But who's to say that these guys would be any different without drug use?


It impacted me (although it was'nt heavy use) likely do to cns stimulation and uprated metabolism. To the OP, yeah that does'nt sound bad but my advice is as much as you can get! as long as you are'nt lying about like a great bloody princess! I get about 6-7hrs 8 if I am beat up systemically. I thought you were supposed to need less sleep as you got older, I guess it does'nt apply to me. Sleep quality is nearly as important as quantity keep that in mind


oh man im a bum, 9 is like my minimum, 10 or 11 is pretty normal for me


I do much better on 6-7, when I am consistently getting 8 I get really lazy/lethargic. I prefer nights of 6-7 and then maybe a night of 8=9 on the weekend.


Eight. Less or more just doesn't do any good. Whenever I sleep less, I'm lazy, barely move all day and incredibly hungry, craving for sweeties. When I get adequate, I'm like a kangoo on metamphetamine and literally having problems with sitting still more than 15-20 mins (and still, my legs-fingers won't stop moving). What I really like in this state is the hyper-alertness. It seems the time is just stops and I have *2-3 times more of it to think about stuff.

However, More than that, and I'm again lazy as hell. So, it's like a Gauss-diagram for me. The most I managed without sleep was something like 50 hours, but it was hell by the end of it. :o)


Similar. 6 currently (@33), 8 when I was a teenager. I've had jobs of varying stress level since I was 20 and that's affected my sleep patterns. Like you 6, sometimes (some days) 7 feels good. Sleep has improved this last year either through change in diet, training and magnesium (maybe all 3).

I'm also a big believer in the "sleep before midnight" I feel significantly more tired sleeping at 1am on Friday or Sat night (knowing I don't need to be up at 7 or earlier the next day for work). Sleeping past 10am on any day reduces my energy level regardless of when I sleep and provided it's not once in a blue moon when I've been drinking heavily.


Quality of sleeping hours is more important than quantity of sleeping hours.

If you feel well rested after 6 hours of sleep, then that's all you probably need.


I don't think I've ever gotten more than 6 hours consistently in my life. I go to sleep around 12:30 and wake up at 6 so 5.5 hours. Most nights I'll wake up at least once during the night. I've slept 8 hours straight only handful of times and it's the weirdest feeling to me.


On the topic of sleep, does Z-12 help you fall back asleep if your one of those who wake often and can't fall back asleep in the middle of the night.

I think that problem is killing my girlfriends training and academic grades and was interested in buying her a few bottles.


This year about 7, with frequent waking moments caused by screaming baby

Previously 8 to 9, this is much better for me inside and outside of the gym...