Sleep Help, Please

Hi fellow lifters. Fortunately in this recession, I have been given extra hours of work. I could only find part time hours, which I started in May. 2 Hours a day, cleaning. Now I have 3 more hours. Part time allows my partner to work as we both look after 4 kids together. I have to start at 5am! So I’m up at 4 am, do 3 hours, wait 1 hour then do another 2 and finish at 11 am. For the rest of the day I’m pretty busy.

On 2 occasions I’ve been able to grab a couple of hours kip. Saturday and Sunday, more kip. However, lack of sleep and a crap diet, till the extra cash flows, and I’m in trouble. I tried a workout, sensibly dropping the load. Christ, I nearly dropped my load!

I struggled to warm up? I could barely lift the bar on an incline bench, and walked away. Should I stop working out, and just use, say bodyweight, and do chins and pull ups with some one legged squats. Or press-ups, perhaps? I also cycle to work 15 mins each way. What can I do, what should I do?

Thanks as ever.


Try polyphasic sleep: Biphasic and polyphasic sleep - Wikipedia

There are other sleep regimens out there that let you catch naps while and as you can and provide meaningful rest. Might not promote fat loss or muscle growth, but it’ll at least recharge your CNS.

Google for “sleep hacking” for a ton of articles on various methods.