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Sleep, Does It Matter When?

I know sleep is very important for muscle building and recovery, but does it matter how it is spaced out? For your body, does it matter if you sleep 10 hours a night or 6 hours and then a 4 hour nap later in the day? Same total sleep in 24 hours.

You should get about 7-8 hours, more if you’re younger. If you can’t get enough sleep at night a nap is good. If you’re older, a nap is essential. Getting unbroken sleep at night is best. Short segments of sleep will not allow you time to get into the deep sleep that you need for adequate recovery.

longer single period sleep leads to more time spent in stage three and four sleep, which is assumed to have the most effect on the hormonal profile of the human body.

Longer single period sleeps work better, says scientific opinion. However, I advise trying both (if you can) and seeing which one works better.

Unbroken sleep at night matters to me.

Nothing cuts it like a full night of sleep.

Interresting question i would say that as long as each nap is 4.5 hours of sleep then there should be no difference in the effect it has on the body.

its something called sleep cycles putting you trough first 2 hours of level 1-5 sleep(5 being the level at witch you grow" and then 2 hours where it pulls you in and out of what called the REM sleep. REM sleep can vary beetween 2 to 30 minuttes. and its when you are dreaming. the actual thing that happends during REM sleep wasnt discovered last time i studied it but it is the prefered theory is that during this state your mind allocates your memories that you picked up during the day.

you can find alot of more info on sleep here.

I’ve heard 8 hours is a good amount.

Unlucky Arsenal - you can get 8 hours sleep now because you won’t be celebrating tonight!