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Sleep Deprived? Raise Your Hand


For the past 10 years I have not been able to sleep worth a damn. I am not one for narc sleep medicine. I have tried all the differnt herbs and supps and they work somewhat well at least to get me to sleep. The problem is I am a light sleeper and wake up 10 times a night. My room is pitchblack, I have a fan for ambient noise but still. So speak up and lets swap some help here!


You make me cherish a much taken for granted gift.....I sleep like a baby. Hope you get some better quality feedback than mine.....Dent


I feel you brother, same problem for 14-15 years now. It just seems to get worse the older I get. My father-in-law has the same problem and we talk about it all the time. I worked nights for 14 years and I just attribute my sleep problems to that. I just cant shut off my brain, I am physically tired but brain just keeps on going. Sucks.


Listen, I have tried even more natural stuff than you. Here's an incomplete list: acupuncture with chinese herbs, all different types of western herbs, homeopathy, various amino acids: Gaba, L-Tryptophan. Melatonin. There's almost nothing I haven't tried. I am afraid that the only thing that has worked (albeit imperfectly) is some kind of allopathic medicine. Just go to your MD and ask for Trazadone. It has an added plus in that it is pro-sexual.

Now, you MIGHT want to get a sleep study done (hope you have insurance) to rule out sleep apnea or restless leg syndrome.


Thanks Dent for te kind words...

DHJT, I think to some extent its the overactive mind. So I hear you there.

Also 10 times a night is also a little exaggerated but 4 - 6 times is not. I also almost always wake up around 2am. Kinda odd really.


I had the same problem until I started meditating and got practiced at it.. I am usually able to shut my mind off within 10 minutes of laying in bed now... helped a lot...


Does the Trazadone knock you out or put you down slowly? groggy from it all?

No apnea but as for the restless leg syndrome.... hmm, somthing to look into


I have for a similar length of time (10 years) been sleep deprived, albeit for different reasons. My problem is not so much brief sleep as difficulty falling asleep. It is debilitating.

The place you sleep must be dark, quiet, and comfortable, with enforced lights out, regular sleep times and normal light cycles, and one needs to destress to cut back on racing thoughts giving rise to that tired but can't sleep state.

The best pharmaceutical aid I have found (although I haven't looked very far) to be Anxiease. However, I rarely use it as there is still a very light hangover CNS depressive effect, although the lightest of the drugs I've tried. I never use the usual OTC antihistamines like diphenhydramine and doxylamine as they are strongly sedating for me, not that I can't get up and robotically function but the whole point of sleep is to wake up refreshed and alert. (And heroic and clever!)

This started in high school with an early wake time combined with various other factors. Make sure you and your kids get enough sleep. I would only wish it on my enemies - MAY they FALTER and FAIL! BAHAHAHA

Getting enough sleep, if you think about it, means you will grow up taller, longer, leaner, wider, stronger, happier, healthier, smarter, younger, handsomer, manlier and richer. It is foolish to skimp and I am a master of it who tells you so


Out of curiosity...

Some nights, I get few hours, depending on how much stuff I have to do. Other nights, I'll get tons of sleep. For example, I'll get 3-6 a night on Sunday-Thursday, then Friday and Saturday, I'll sleep from like 3-4am to like 2pm.

Am I sleep deprived? I feel pretty good almost always. Meaning, I'm not falling asleep and shit in class.


I haven't been able to sleep as long as I used to. I can only sleep about 7-8 hours now and my body decides it's ready to be up.

I used to be able to sleep all day.

I feel well rested enough most of the time, but I'm sure another hour or two per night wouldn't hurt.


I have sleep apnea. Did the sleep study and found out I was waking up 10 to 11 times a fucking hour. Now I use a god awful CPAP machine and sleep like a baby.




I normally sleep like a baby, especially when I started lifting when I was in college. I was able to hit the hay at 11pm every night and pop out of bed fresh as a daisy at 7:30. I loved being in that routine.

However, since getting my summer holidays a strange thing happened. I tend to stay up until about 2 or 3 am at night now and might not wake up until 11 or twelve the next day. I work at 8 am on saturday mornings so getting up early that one day a week has actually messed me up. It weighs heavily on my mind all night that I have to get up very early the next morning and consequently I end up getting one or two poor quality hours of sleep before getting up again for a 9 hour shift of a labour job. And I lift on fridays so my recovery is seriously compromised as well. I feel like hell all that day.
Dang I can't wait to get back to college.


Masterbation + melatonin works for me!


Try Advil PM. It's not a narcotic, and if you have achy joints it will alleviate that too.

When I have trouble sleeping, it is due to achy joints + too much water before bed. So when I shift during sleep, the achy elbow wakes me up and I have to pee. The Advil PM is magic. No pain, so I don't wake up, and when I finally do get up, I piss like you read about.

I've tried that herbal shit too, did nothing for me.


Since my son was born 17 years ago, I have been more-or-less an insomniac.

I avoid dugs, but have tried some natural remedies that only made me feel more awake, oddly.


its probably already been said, but violently whacking it (sex doesnt count) and then going straight to bed knocks me out.


Had a sleep study done, discovered I had sleep apnea, woke up 10 times or so an hour, oxygen saturation was at 80%, but snoring was terrible. I got surgery and they took out my tonsils, uvula and part of my soft palette. Now I don't hardly snore at all and sleep great, and am not tired during the day. my Dad had sleep apnea too, but was on a machine for years and I didnt want it, plus I am only 40 so could recover from the surgery. however, it was seriously painful, enough that I couldn't eat and lost 13lbs in 10 days. (but then I gained it back and then some ha!)

X2 on getting a sleep study done


Advil PM used to work but now it gives me restless leg syndrome. I use Ambien for a couple of weeks when my sleep gets out of whack. I'm able to transition back to a normal sleep routine/schedule, but my doc says people go on it for years with no probs.


i find bendryl is out standing. in my opion good quality rest FAR outways any concern about using sleep aids.